Often times, couples are stuck in a “are we or aren’t we?” phase of their relationship, where neither of them is clear about whether they’re just meeting up with each other on dates, or actually exclusively dating one another. I mean, it’s fantastic if you guys become official, but the most important question here is - when to make it official?

When to Make a Relationship Official


You’re having sex

I mean, until and unless you two are in a physical or open relationship, it makes sense that sex is the benchmark for you two to finally accept that you’re dating each other. Sex is one of the best ways for humans to show their emotional attachment to their partners, which by the way, takes quite a lot of time to happen. So this means that now you can finally make your relationship official.


The relationship has evolved beyond just sex

Spending time with each other, hanging out at each other’s apartments, watching Netflix and eating pizza – people don’t do that with just about anybody, you know. Such levels of comfort are shared ether by very close friends, family or two people in a relationship.


Dates are the norm

Neither of you have to push the other to make plans for dates – they just happen naturally. And pretty frequently too. What’s best is that both of you come up with places to explore on your dates. If, however, it’s only you who is taking the initiative, then you need to take a step back and see how your partner will react. If they can’t be bothered, then you’re better off breaking off things with them.


You two are exclusive

When to make a relationship official? Well, when you two are only dating each other, of course! And if you’re not clear about it, simply ask your partner. At the end of the day, if it’s just the two of you involved, then it’s time to make your relationship official.


You’ve been “not dating” for long now

I don’t mean weeks – I mean months. Like, seriously? Who even sees a person willingly for months at a stretch if they don’t like them? How could you both be this oblivious?


Your partner puts in effort

Be it in planning your dates or staying in touch with you, they put in as much effort (or even more) to keep things interesting between you. And that is very rare to happen between couples who aren’t serious about each other.


You’ve got to know each other pretty well

You know each other’s likes, dislikes, fav movies and actors, foods that make you allergic, best friends’ names and their partners’ names…And all that jazz. My point is, if you’re getting to know each other as people worth knowing, you don’t have to ask anymore when to make a relationship official. Just do it!


People think you’re together

Your friends, her friends and basically all the people in your loves think that you two are a couple. And this is because not only do you two frequently hang out with each other, but also talk about the other to your friends and family!


You enjoy spending your free time with each other

And if you aren’t physically in each other’s presence, you substitute that by constantly calling or texting each other whenever you have the time.


Conversations happen naturally

There’s no awkwardness, there’s no forced talks. The conversations flow smoothly and neither of you have to put in too much of an effort to sustain your talks because you always manage to find some topic or the other to discuss with each other.


You make each other smile

As cliché as it may sound, you have to realize that being in the presence of someone who is capable of making you smile is a rarity these days. Especially when it comes to relationships. Now I don’t mean you have to constantly smile when with each other – I simply mean that you’re almost always in higher spirits when you’re with your partner. And this point is exactly when to make a relationship official.


You share the same ideals/morals/ethics

Emotional/intellectual compatibility is very important these days. In fact, it’s more important than physical compatibility, as it’s the former that helps sustain and grow meaningful relationships. So if you find that you share a lot of religious, social or political views and you enjoy your discussion on the topics, you’ve already found someone who’s truly compatible with your manner of thinking. And that, my friend, is a rarity these days.


Both have the same definition of relationship

I mean, there’s no point for when to make a relationship official if you’re looking to commit, but your partner is more of an open relationship kinda person, right?


You’re comfortable being in your skin

And no, I don’t mean nude. I mean, you don’t need the feel to dress up or get rid of body hair when your partner drops by at your place to meet you. Why? Because they have accepted you for who you are – for better or for worse – and this only happens with couples who are in a relationship. An extension of this point would be...


Not being under pressure to clean up your place

You used to keep your apartment spic and span when your partner used to drop by, but recently, you’ve found that they are perfectly comfortable with the mess in your apartment. Now of course, I don’t mean that they should excuse you living like a slob, but you get what I mean, right?


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