Planning a wedding is really a huge task. It freaks out the bride and the groom to the superlative degree! Managing the wedding cake, the wedding dress and the wedding guest list is more than what a couple can sanely handle. And as if that’s not already nerve-wracking, then they probably come across another question, who gives wedding toasts?

A wedding celebration is truly incomplete without a wedding toast as it is the vital part of the wedding reception. Family and friends get together to share their own wedding toasts for the bride and groom, filled with exquisite emotions and feelings that make the wedding celebration memorable and worthwhile. Some people toast naturally using their flair and charisma while others need a little push. This article will help you maintain the rhythm of the wedding event as you may grasp some quick tips when selecting who gives the wedding toasts and who makes speeches at a wedding.

Who Gives Wedding Toasts?

Listed below is the list of people who should give a wedding toast.

The Best Man

It almost becomes a tradition that the best man gives a wedding toast. This is usually the first of all toasts that’s given on the day. Besides the best man's wishes for the couple's merry future, he may also share some memories he had with the couple, no matter the memories are funny or unforgettable . The wedding toast he gives can definitely make the couple and all friends laugh or move them to tears. 


The Maid of Honor

The best man isn’t the only one allowed to share hilarious moments with the happy couple. The maid of honor, who gives the wedding toasts as frequently as the best man, may be the second one in the toasting order. With a little weeping and a little laugh, she gives the wedding toast in her own way. 


The Bride and the Groom

Sometimes, the couple raises the glass to themselves in the wedding (well, some might actually do that, you know). However it is considered very adorable if the bride and groom clutch the mike in their hands for a few minutes. They may toast after the best man and the maid of honor are done with their toasting. Together, they usually thank everyone for joining them in their merry moments; they also thank their family and friends for the massive support. But when giving it alone, the groom may toast to his parents, friends, his wife’s parents and finally to his wife by saying things like how he is glad to have her in his life. Topping it all with the Magic Kiss leaves the guests going all “Aww!’’


The Parents

Then comes the toast from the parents. If the father of the bride has arranged the wedding, then he greets and thanks the guests for attending the grand event of his daughter’s life. But if it was a joint arrangement by both the parents of bride and groom, then they may all stand together to give a toast. However, if the wedding was completely taken care by the couple, then the parents may only deliver a speech but they will not toast.

Who Shouldn't Give Wedding Toasts?

Anyone Who’s Drunk

No couple can stand some drunken guests to give the wedding toast to turn it all into a disaster. Because such toasts are irrational, humiliating and a big bowl of babble! So what if the best man goes overboard on the cocktails? To deal with the wedding emergency, ask another groomsman to take the best man outside and help him sober up. 

Anyone You Don’t Trust

Make sure you strictly inform your DJ not to hand over the mike to some wannabe toaster even if he’s sober. Avoid letting such people give a toast who are officially declared as the ramblers. You may be polite to them by asking them to drop in their well wishes in a card.  

Anyone Who’s Too Funny

Entertaining speeches keep the things running in a flow. However, it’s not necessary to have them. You must be very picky about who gives the wedding toast. Focus on the dearest ones and don’t take chances by inviting extra funny people on the floor to give a toast. The last thing you want is someone cracking insane jokes about you and your spouse, ruining every moment of a carefully planned event. 

Watch the video below to learn how to give a wedding toast:

  • First thing first, give a serious consideration on the order of toasting i.e. who gives wedding toasts first, prior to the grand wedding day. Then inform the toasters so that they can know about their turns in order to avoid haphazardness.
  • Make sure you pass this list in black and white to the best man or the DJ, so he may signal the toaster when it’s his or her turn or eye signal them when the toast becomes too long. Do not force people to give a toast as some people feel shy while confronting a large audience. Giving wedding toasts should be one of the natural and pleasant things on the earth.
  • In case you are having trouble in managing the volunteers who are eager to give a toast, then limit the list to the traditional toasters only i.e. the best man, maid of honor, parents and the bride and groom.
  • You can ask the rest of the people to make a speech at the rehearsal dinner. This dinner is far more relaxing than the wedding reception. Surrounded with all your friends and family, you will feel happy while others will share stories about you and your beloved.
  • It is traditional to serve some sparkling drink or champagne at the wedding. So what if you run out of the drink? How will the people toast? They may even toast with the empty glass and once they’re done toasting, they may place the empty glass on the table without drinking of course.

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