Have you ever fallen head over heels for a guy that you knew was no good for you, instead of the guy that went out of his way to make you feel special? Or have you ever wondered why you were so love struck over a guy who most people didn’t think was good looking? Well, love and attraction are some very powerful emotions and has more than just to do with good looks. Researchers and scientists are constantly exploring the reasons behind them. Here are some factors you could consider…

10 Reasons Why Am I Attracted to Him



Beauty can be seen as a sign of health and “good genes”. One of the main purposes of beauty is about finding a partner to procreate with.

According to studies that were included in journals such as Psychological Science, Proceedings of Biology Science and Archives of Sexual Behaviours, they have reinforced the idea that in men, signs of virility is what is seen as attractive, so things like a man having a powerful profile, a jutting jaw or a large chest are things that will most likely grab a woman’s attention. Beauty is a key element in attraction.


Confidence and High Self-Esteem

Sexiness doesn’t necessarily have to do with having asymmetrical features or a perfect physique; it’s more to do with how a person projects their self-confidence and how they portray themselves. Yes it’s true that cosmetics, clothing and hairstyle (just to name a few) can modify ones appearance but it’s essentially only through your ability to improve your self-confidence that you look more attractive or create a better impression.


Instant Chemistry in Brain

Why am I attracted to him? Instant chemistry is a reason to consider. There have been experiments using photographs, speed-dating and fMRI brain scans where researchers from Ireland claim that they have found out new information about attraction and love. The experience basically showed that people took part in this knew accurately who they wanted to date by just looking at pictures. More than 60 percent of the time, their level of interest when viewing a photo matched the interest they experienced when they got to meet the person in real life at a speed dating event. Their brain activity during this process was also very intriguing too. From the beginning, when the participants looked at pictures of people they would meet at a later time and answer “yes” to, a particular part of the prefrontal cortex was enlightened with activity.


Immune System

In an entirely different experiment, it involved women smelling T-shirts worn by men and they had to rank who’s the one they found attractive, based solely on the scent of it. The experiment revealed that there is a link between our immune systems of all things and attraction. The females were attracted to males with immune systems called major histocompatibility complex (MHC) that were very different from their own type of immune systems. This leads to the theory that women seek to mate with men that have different immune systems to them because it makes the chances of survival for potential offspring more likely. Research shows that couples that have similar MHC are more likely to cheat, be infertile or have higher levels of discord.


The Familiar Feelings

Previous studies have shown that similarity can fuel attraction and people are likely to be more attracted to dating partners who share the same values and principles, socioeconomic background and also level of intelligence. This also correlates with healthy and happy marriages.


Sameness Effect

Researchers in Scotland say that we are more attracted to people of the opposite sex that resemble us. They came about this by getting college students to select who they thought was the most attractive person of the opposite sex from a group of photos. The participants were not informed that one of the pictures was their own photo changed into the opposite sex. The students were usually drawn to the face that looked most like them.


Vibrational Match

Usually, we are attracted to people because of the energy they emit. When a person’s personality, aura and vibe is similar to ours, we are more likely to get along with them and they may feel a lot more comfortable around us and familiar. When we enjoy their vibe and aura, it makes us feel very attracted to them.


Soul-Level Gifts

As human beings we have a need to express our soul-level gift and our talents too. We can’t do this by keeping to ourselves because it won’t give us any choice or growth so we do it by interacting with other human beings. Some people allow us to express these gifts we pose and become “us” at soul-level therefore we feel really attracted to these types of people. An example of this is teachers who are drawn to pupils that are ready to listen to their teachings or healers that are attracted to wounded animals or people who are in pain.


Find Your Reasons

We all know when something’s not good for us, but sometimes we just cannot help ourselves. If you find that you are attracted to someone who may be no good for you then try and figure out the reason behind the attraction. Some people like the idea of being able to change or improve a partner that may be no good for them, while others may be doing it for the thrills. Finding reasons why you may like a wayward partner could help you have better control of your emotions.


You May Overthink

Sadly, overthinking and self-deception can be the reason for why am I attracted to him. Sometimes your politeness may be giving the other person the wrong message that you like them when you really don’t. So if you don’t really like someone, make it clear that you don’t without being rude of course. Either don’t flirt at all or keep it to the bare minimum if you do and also at the end of the date, give them a handshake rather than hug them. If you find yourself on the receiving end of not being liked back it could be because we can often get deceived by our own feelings. You tend to misinterpret and overlook signs that a person you are deeply attracted to is not interested in you.


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