If you’re tired of constantly asking this question, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain to you some of the most popular reasons guys dump girls, most of which stem from their behavior. I’d like to say that this article isn’t trying to be sexist – many of the points mentioned below apply equally to men as well. But since we’re writing this article for women, we will be focusing on flaws in their behaviors.

12 Reasons You're Not Good Enough for Him


“What do you think?”

Look. Asking for an opinion is one thing. But if for every time he wants to ask what you wanna do or where you wanna hang out, and you end up putting the decision back into his lap, you aren’t doing any good. Lack of taking an initiative can be a massive deal breaker for many guys.


“Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?”

Guys are terrible with emotions. It’s how they’re raised. And while that’s wrong, that is not the issue here. Don’t treat your guy like a mind reader and expect him to guess correctly what’s going on in your mind. You’re not 15. You’re an adult. Act like it by communicating your problems. But you didn’t, did you? And that’s why you now know the answer to “Why am I not good enough for him?”


Over-analyzing everything

If he didn’t reply instantly to your text, it doesn’t mean he’s breaking up with you.

If you dreamt about him cheating on you, it doesn’t mean he’ll really cheat on you.

Over-analyzing situations and over reacting in those situations really doesn’t help. It comes across as childish, immature and shows you as a person incapable of keeping her emotions in control. And seriously, who would want to be in the life of such an emotionally unstable girl?


Discussion about exes

Or discussions/comparisons of past relationships. Discussing them once in a while is okay. But if you’re regularly telling him what a great guy your ex was or how he did stuff for you that your current partner doesn’t, then you’re gonna irritate him. And worse – hurt his ego. Men have fragile egos, honey. They can’t handle not being #1 in your life.


The drama queens

“Why am I not good enough for him?”

Maybe it’s because you love to create a scene at the drop of a hat, involving everybody close to you, including your now ex. If you have the need to attention, do it like normal narcissists or people with low self esteem do – put up selfies on your social media and let the number of likes make you feel happy. But do not behave in a manner that can potentially ward off men from your life…permanently.



Until and unless he has explicitly stated so, being jealous of the women in his life, or being possessive of what he does and who he doesn’t meet, is NOT cute. On the contrary – it’s an off putting behavior. Get rid of it.



“Why am I not good enough for him?”

It’s not that you aren’t good enough for him – you just aren’t good enough for yourself. And till the time you aren’t happy with the kind of person you are, your mind will always force you to believe he will move on to someone better (when he gets the opportunity).


You’re way too controlling/dominating

I mean, it’s okay if he’s kind of a masochist who takes pleasure in being controlled. But if he isn’t, if he’s like your average dude, then you’ve already hurt his male pride. Look. Men aren’t taught to let women be in charge, and if he’s always been the kinda person who’s always been the dominating partner in his relationships, then of course he won’t think twice before dumping you.

If you want to control him, you have to play smart, not hard.


Lack of goals

There are some men out there who appreciate women having goals/plans for the future. Not necessarily 30 years into the future. Sometimes, a 5 year plan works just as well. Now while there are some guys who prefer girls who do everything on the fly, there are more men who prefer their women having a goal – any goal – in their life. It shows ambition, passion and even farsightedness. Lacking such a goal reflects poorly on you as a grown up adult.



“Why am I not good enough for him?”

Maybe it’s how you present yourself.

I get that society is sexist and puts a lot of pressure on women for appearing pretty. However, if you’re going to date in your pyjamas, you’re the one who’s pushing it too far. If you’re also lacking in the hygiene department, take few showers and don’t comb your hair often, well you already know why he dumped you.


You’re over dependent on him

Such women are nothing but a burden to men. It’s emotionally exhausting to have someone by your side who demands your attention 24x7. Give him some space to breathe. Give him his privacy.


You’re unimaginably suspicious

Girl, here’s the thing. You don’t have to know everything about him – he’s allowed to keep secrets from you, so long as they aren’t something that might tear your relationship apart. He’s allowed to have a life beyond you. He’s allowed to talk to other women. And if you think he shouldn’t, then you’re the problem here.


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