When a guy tries to attract a girl, there are many things that he tries to do like wearing trendy and expensive clothes, having six pack abs, or making sure that they have a good job and they are financially secured. Yes, it is true that these things can attract a woman, but there is another thing that women find attractive in a guy--veiny arm.

Why Are Veiny Arms Attractive for Women?

Veiny arms are really attractive to women because they represent fair muscle and great health. Besides, these veiny arms can only be achieved by exercising regularly which means their owners are  physically strong and have the ability to protect a woman from any danger. All of these makes veiny arms attractive, reliable, trustworthy, and, most importantly, sexy. 

Sometimes no reason and excuse is needed. Because we are women; we have our own tastes for man and some of us just like the contours of arms, their lines and their texture. What's wrong with that! If you still don't get the idea why women are attracted by those veiny arms, here are a few more reasons with great pics which will give you more vivid reasons.

Let’s start with the forearm, it is the one always out to work and flex. Imagine having these firemen’s forearms saving you from a burning building...

Why are veiny arms attractive? Look at these sexy calf muscles…

Even tattooed back muscles look so gorgeous...

Forearms come in different forms, which one do you prefer? How about a forearm that is well-toned, fit and lean?

Or maybe something thick and all muscle? It's your call.

How to Get Those Attractive Veiny Arms?


Exercise regularly

Arms do not contain as much fat as your belly does, so it is easier to have those veins come out than trying to get 6 packs on your abs. Regular exercise is one of the vital reasons of "Why are veiny arms attractive?". Sexy abs develop when body fats are lowered between twelve to ten percent, the same thing is true with having those veiny arms.


Do cardio workout

Having good vascular health is the key factor in developing those sexy veiny arms. Do incorporate cardio exercises on your daily routine. There are two types of cardio exercises, the low impact and the high impact. The low impact includes slow and steady exercises like walking, riding the bike or jogging in the park, while high impact cardio includes doing high intensity impact in a short amount of time with short intervals like doing a 100 yards sprint.


Specifically exercise your arms

Healthy diet and cardio exercises are good for you, but it is very important to specifically work out on your target--your arms. Know the right exercises for your arms in order to properly add mass to your biceps, triceps and forearms. Some of the exercises that could help you bring out your veins are bicep curls, tricep extensions, skull crushers, close grip bench press, pull-ups, forearm curls and forearm extensions.


Include grip exercises

To have those veins pop out, lean muscle and vasodilation are very important and these can be achieved by doing some grip exercises. No matter if you get the idea "Why are veiny arms attractive for women?" you surely should know that those arms are dead sexy and charming in many women's eyes. If you want to make yours veiny, do some grip exercises. You may ask the help of a gym instructor to make sure that you are using the right methods and repetitions of these exercises.


Do some push-ups

This is the fast lane in achieving those veiny arms because push-ups force blood to the forearm making the veins pop out. If you notice your veins surface out on your forearms and then disappear again, drop down and do twenty push-ups regularly. If doing this exercise does not give you the need effect fast enough, a little diet can help to lower down body fats and make those veins visible.


Eat more proteins

Diet is very important in your routine. Choose lean protein over greasy and salty foods. Proteins will help you add lean mass to your muscles. Some good sources of proteins are lean chicken, eggs, legumes and fish. The recommended consumption is one gram per pound of your body weight. Why are veiny arms attractive? They will not only make you look sexy but healthier too.


Avoid salty foods

Try to reduce it if you cannot totally eliminate salt from your diet. Salty foods contain sodium which causes your body to retain more water. Water adds body weight and by reducing your body’s water content, it will make your skin tighter and your veins come out faster. It is not recommended to reduce your daily water intake and dehydrate yourself. Just avoid salty foods instead.


Add carbohydrates

Eat slow digesting carbohydrates like rice, sweet potato and brown bread. These foods will help your body process and eliminate sodium making you slim down, lose weight and have those veiny arms.


Understand your body’s water retention

If you have known answers to “Why are veiny arms attractive and sexy?” and want to make your forearms charming too, here is another way to achieve your goal. First, you need to understand that water is stored between your muscles and skin. So, having too much water retained can keep your veins away from the skin making them not visible. 

You can try to double your daily water intake to make your body flush out more unwanted fluids or you can try taking a diuretic but do make sure to consult with your pharmacist or physician before taking any medicines.


Make yourself hot, literally

When temperature increases, the body’s defense mechanism will push blood vessels into the surface of your skin because it doesn’t want your internal organs to overheat. This is the reason why some men have their forearms veiny during summer.


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