When men do not succeed with the woman they are courting, they give a lot of reasons, but, the truth is, these are all excuses. Some of the reasons why men can’t convince a woman to go out might be simply because the woman knew that men are just after sex. Well, for some who are already exclusively dating, getting the woman to bed is part of dating. But have you ever thought why you just can’t seem to get a woman date you in the first place? The reason might be there are qualities that you have or do not have. This article will tell you some of the reasons why you fail to get a woman.

Why Can't I Get Laid?


You lack self- confidence

If you are asking yourself this question, then this might be the very reason -- you lack self-confidence. You might have been rejected several times in the past which makes you believe that you were just not really meant to have sex with a woman you like, and instead, you’d rather stay away than have your ego bruised again.


Poor hygiene is the matter

Well definitely, no woman would want to have sex with a guy who has body odor or bad breath. Always practice good hygiene like taking a bath every day and trimming your hair down there. You might also want to put on some powder over there if you’re having a long day at work and you might have the chance to get laid at the end of the day.


You do not exercise

First impressions last as the saying goes. Having a sexy body can be very appealing to women. You don’t have to exhaust yourself at the gym just to have those six pack abs, but if you are still pondering on “Why can’t I get laid?” exercising can make you physically fit and feel good about yourself, and this is sexy for women.


You have no clue

You have no idea what attracts women and you don’t care. You believe that men who get laid are the ones who have money, great jobs and fancy cars. This is not right for most of the times. You just give yourself excuses for not knowing how to get laid. Please exert some effort to figure out how to interact with women and how to make them like you.


You are too conservative

You believe that you are a gentleman and to be one is to make friends with a woman first before getting her to bed. The problem is you remain friends with her, nothing more. You just take her to dates, movies and then drive her home.


You are clingy

You are in the “Why can’t I get laid?” dilemma because you call, text, date and visit her way too often. You want her to be your girlfriend instantly without giving her enough time to know you better, and this is kind of scary for women. Women can sense desperate guys who want nothing more but sex immediately.


You don’t know how to socialize

You don’t know how to mingle with other people. Your jokes aren’t funny and you say things at the wrong time at the wrong place. Women love to socialize with other people, and if you really have poor interpersonal skills, people will avoid you, including women.


You don’t go out

You don’t explore your chances of meeting new people. You only date women whom you’ve known at work, in school or at your village. You are afraid of approaching women you meet at the mall, at the bookstore or even at the bar. You are in the “Why can’t I get laid?” dilemma, but you don’t bother to check out the wide ocean full of hungry fishes.


You are doubting your performance

You are too afraid that the woman you get to bed will get frustrated with your size, style and performance. So, instead of putting your woman down, you just move away. Well, the truth is, women do not really care about these things as long as you’ve exerted effort and are willing to learn.


You jump to the end

Well everyone does. But everything starts from a single step at a time, from meeting women, dating and then a casual sex. Believe it or not, some of the happiest relationships started with a one-night stand. But you have to take things slow.


You don’t want to spend for women

Now don’t get me wrong, but if you are still asking yourself the question “Why can’t I get laid?” you must exert effort and spend some money for your first date. No, it isn’t about how much money you make, but it is about showing a woman that you can and you are willing to take care of her.


You have unrealistic expectations

Not everyone was born with a perfect skin or a beautiful body. If you want to date someone who is as gorgeous as a superstar or as sexy as a porn star, then don’t even bother to wonder why you don’t get laid.


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