Men love breasts. They may prefer different sizes, but they love them all! Men are mostly caught staring at a woman’s boobs instead of her face as they talk. This is why women care a lot about the size and appearance of their busts. But why do guys have a thing for boobs?

Why Do Guys Like Boobs?


It’s Covered Up

Apart from broad hips, breasts are the only distinguishing feature between a man and a woman. And breasts are enticing because they are not always available for everyone to see, unless you are watching a clip online! Men will definitely look at breasts through clothes. However, the fact that breasts are covered makes men even more interested in boobs. 

And men are explorers naturally, so this mystery is very intriguing. It gets a man into mind games involving questions like "How do the boobs look like?" "What color is her bra?" "Can I see her nipples through that tee?" and the like. The mystery breasts create is crazy! Additionally, breasts are easily accessible to the eyes and a guy just needs to look a little lower. If boobs are covered in a tight t-shirt, a guy cannot help but stare.


They Just Feel Great!

Women are definitely softer to touch than men. A man’s chest will never feel like a girl's breasts, no matter how often a guy shaves and how much lotion he applies! A man just loves to stroke a woman's breasts even for the whole day because they are so soft even better than the best silk. The more he touches the nipples, the more he wants. Men believe breasts are the softest things in the world.


Men Like to Watch Them Dance

Why do guys like boobs? Because its motions! As much as men enjoy seeing and touching breasts, they enjoy watching them dance even more. As you move, walk or dance, breasts get into motions that are very appealing to men. A woman jumping on trampolines will make a man stop in his track, just to see the twins wiggle!


Breasts Are Great Pillows

After the hustle and bustle of daily life, nothing is more comforting than resting on a soft pair of breasts. This ready-made cushion is what a man needs to relax, meditate, and rejuvenate, making him ready to face the next day full of energy.


It Can Be a Handle

Truth be told, breasts are perfectly placed for the guy to hold on during sex as activity intensifies. But he's definitely not doing this for support or to prevent himself from falling off! Breasts can make love-play much more interesting.


It Can Reveal Your Thoughts

Just why do guys like boobs? Actually, it is not only the boobs but also the nipples that man loves. Nipples accessorize the breasts and communicate a lot to men! Yes, they talk. When visible through the tee, a guy knows she is braless. When erect, she is either chilly or excited to see someone.


They Make Men Feel Better

A recent study shows that, just like having a pet, looking at boobs for at least 15 minutes can help men live longer and healthier lives. Of course, your boobs are not pets! But it’s science. Men just love boobs and those who bear them.


Breasts Indicate Fertility

Men have always been attracted to healthy women with the ability to bear children. Breasts are associated to fertility since they are a sign that a woman can not only give birth, but also breastfeed.

When Do Men Find Breasts Most Attractive?

Since you have known the answers "Why do guys like boobs?" you may wonder when they love boobs most. Actually, whether you are walking, sleeping or partying, men like breasts all the time. A man has to take a sneak peek whenever he can. But there are some situations where men just cannot resist looking at boobs.

Tight look

There is nothing more appealing to a man than a girl in a well-fitting t-shirt, who will capture the hearts of guys down the street. They just cannot help it.



A perfect cleavage is irresistible. Especially when it is a few inches deep! Yes, that attracts all the attention from a guy. He could stare at it the whole day.


Side Boob

Guys are naturally drawn to the side boob. Even if he is a pro at staring without getting noticed, a side boob can get him totally off guard! He just cannot wait to look at it -- it happens naturally.


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