You know you’ve been single for a long time. And for quite a while, you came up with several excuses for being single – I’m focused on my career, I don’t have time for a relationship, I’m not emotionally ready and all that jazz. But now that you’ve exhausted all your excuses, you’re left to deal with a bitter question: Why do you never get asked out? Is there really something wrong with me?

Well, that’s possible. And this article will try and help you figure out what that problem might be.

Why Do I Never Get Asked Out?


You’re way too picky

You’re way too picky

Honey, it’s okay to have standards. If you’re a vegan then it’s alright to wait in order to find a vegan dude. Same for religious/political reasons. But if all your dates end up with

  • He’s too tall

  • He’s too short

  • His nose is too big

  • His smile is ugly

  • He smells of coffee

Then honey, you aren’t having standards, you’re being a picky little bitch. Because you know what? You ain’t perfect yourself. Keep up this attitude and you’re gonna die a single woman. Or get rid of these unrealistic expectations for a partner, and find a guy whom you do not dislike for his physical attributes.



To find the perfect guy, you gotta be the perfect gal

You want him to have 6 pack abs? Great! Make sure your own measurements are 36-24-36

You want him to be like George Clooney? Sure! Make sure you yourself look like Megan Fox

Getting what I’m trying to show here? If there’s something you can’t give to your guy, then don’t expect it from him. Otherwise known as: get the hell over yourself and stop whining about “Why do I never get asked out?”


You have low self-esteem

Ah, so you want a relationship but you believe no person worth their salt would be interested in a pile of garbage like you, right? Look. It’s alright to be critical of oneself, but what you’re doing is beating yourself up for flaw that practically every human being on the planet has. Conversely, some people are still single because>


You are too in love with yourself

We get it. You’re very pretty/rich/have a sexy body (or all of the above). But here’s the thing – you’re not looking for someone to love you – you’re looking for someone to worship you and fawn all over you for attributes that can be found a dime a dozen in the modeling industry. You aren’t as unique as you think you are. Plus, nobody likes a narcissist, especially people looking for a healthy, long term relationship. Either change that attitude, or find a guy who’ll feed into your narcissism.


You don’t know what you want

How do you expect your future partner to give you something you yourself aren’t clear about? Long term? Short term? Casual? Open relationship? If your default answer is “things are too complicated right now” every time someone’s interested in a serious relationship with you, then the problem lies with you. So stop focusing on “Why do I never get asked out?” and start working on a clearer relationship goal.


You’re too busy

You’re a workaholic and everybody in your office knows that. And while that’s good for a promotion, it’s bad for your dating life, especially when you don’t have much of a social life, which means the only date you’ll get is someone from your office. You have to decide what’s more important to you right now – your career or your love life, and then plan out your daily schedules accordingly.


You’re desperate

You might think you’re able to hid your desperation, but guess what? People are able to smell it from a mile away. The more you’re gonna chase after a guy, the more elusive he will be. Have some self respect. Maintain a distance. Learn to be patient.


You’re selfish

Ah, not something you wanna hear, but hey. We never said we’d go soft on you. Have you ever thought the real reason you don’t have many friends or someone special in your life is because you always put your needs first before anybody else’s? That’s great when you’re a teenager because your brain’s still developing.

“Why do I never get asked out?”

Because as a fully functioning adult, such immature behavior doesn’t suit you. Especially if you’re looking for a serious relationship, which requires love, adjustments, sacrifices and sometimes putting your partner’s needs above your own. And if you think that’s not something you’re up for, then you’re obviously not ready for a relationship.


You give up too easily

Maybe it’s because you’re impatient, because people always fall short of your expectations, because you get bored easily…Whatever your reasons may be, understand that they’re not reasons, but excuses. It’s understandable if you don’t wanna jump the gun too quickly, but if the other person’s the only one making all the efforts in the relationship to sustain it, you have to ask yourself if you’re really interested in being in a relationship. And if you are, then you have to change that attitude of yours.


You expect people to approach you

Why? Why do they always have to be the one to approach you first? Who’s stopping you from approaching guys and asking them out on a date? Too shy? Anxious? Low self esteem? Well, either fix that attitude of yours, or be prepared to remain single because things rarely come to those who don’t ask for them, you know.


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