"Happily ever after" is a statement that we are all familiar with but it's time to get real. After marriage some man goes hay-wire and begins to cheat, reasons can be:

  1. Unsatisfying hunger for SEX.

  2. Intentional cheating to get rid of one's better-half.

  3. Some cheats to spice up BORING marriages.

  4. Male alter-EGO

  5. Options!!!

Why Do Married Men Cheat?


Unsatisfying hunger for SEX

There is no denying that pleasure is undeniable, but i'm sure most of us will agree that SEX is not everything. There is life before-and-after-sex. Our very own existence is the best example.

Sex can never replace food... Hell NO!!!


Intentional cheating to get rid of ones better-half

This is a total No No. Unless you are all set to begin life in turmoil & experience the very lifetime tag of "Infidelity". Here i'm not saying you don't have the right to a happy life , but Cheating indeed is certainly the BEST way to showcase one's "cheap" mentality. 

Grow up and please remember there is something call "respect" & "mutual understanding", that'll come in handy.


Some cheats to spice up BORING marriages

Stupidest reason. It's like I take bath because I'm thirsty. (Duh!!! You drink not bath) To spice up marriage life their are so many ways to improve apart from "Cheating". Spending quality times alone like going for a holiday just the two of you etc. My point here is if both of you want the marriage to work then it should be mutual effort not just one-sided.


Male alter-EGO

Just to show off among his peeps. I just don't understand why would any men like to be branded as "Casanova" even after being married?  When you know that you have family and responsibilities too take care of, what on earth would you gain by making an image of a "Playboy". Respect? nah!  Love? nay! 

Sorry its out of my league to understand the reason for being ready to "cheat" on just to "show-off"!



Well!! Well!!

No matter what the reason is "Cheating is NOT acceptable" 

Everyone is entitled to happy life, but that life foundation shouldn't be "cheating".

This goes out to both men & women alike, remember no one wants to be an option. Everyone wants to be the ONE. Like wise before you marry anyone think wisely, as it's a journey that everyone wants to take at the end but some couldn't  make it till the end, some give up and some walk alone. 

Your path! You choose!


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