If you’ve ever been in a position where you’ve been cheated on, the only question that floats in your mind for months is – why does your partner cheat? Was it me? Was it something I did or said? Was it just who he was? Were we both to blame? The truth is that there's never one reason why someone cheats. Even so, we’ve worked hard on zeroing in on the most likely reasons people tend to cheat. It’s possible only one might apply to your partner, or even 5-6 of them might apply to your partner.

Why Do People Cheat?

The first thing you need to do is to stop blaming yourself – cheating is seldom the fault of the person who was cheated on. Now let's get to more details.

They blame your appearance

Most partners who cheat always do it – their partners became "unattractive" usually in the form of weight gain. In fact, 10%–15% of cheaters gave looks as the reason behind cheating on their partners. It's nothing but just an excuse. So don’t go blaming yourself – it wasn’t you. It was him.


There is little to no communication

Communication is the pillar of any and every relationship on the planet, and when communication starts crumbling, you can be assured that your relationship is going to go to the dogs. If you two are too busy with your work, lives, children, friends or too bent on putting your egos before the relationship, well, that can push one or both partners to cheat due to pent up frustration because of a non-responsive "better" half. Such people tend to look for any signs of excitement they can find, and it’s generally in the arms of another person.


They feel insecure

Sometimes, the answer to the question, "Why do people cheat?" lies not in physical but mental issues. Depression, low self-esteem, confidence issues and what not force people to create drama where none exists. Often these people use their own made up fears to justify for their actions, and usually end up playing the victim card. In such a case, you need to know that you were in no way at fault here.


They don’t feel appreciated

Sometimes, it’s not the communication that’s lacking between partners, but a general lack of appreciation for all that they do. I mean sure, they know you appreciate all that they do for you and the relationship, but would it kill you every once in a while to just say that out loud? I’m not saying you go shower them with compliments every time they take out the garbage – but at least show a little enthusiasm and passion for when they go out of their way to make you feel happier or more comfortable! A person who feels neglected in a relationship is more likely to cheat.


There are commitment issues

Some people sabotage their own relationships because they’re too cowardly to accept they have commitment issues. For them, being committed to someone is the end of the line because in their minds, this is where the fun part of their lives stop. Again – this arises because of their inability to step up to their new position in the relationship. You’re not at fault here, so don’t keep going over your head about "Why do people cheat?" It’s just them, not you.


They’re in it for the thrill

Some men are all about chasing women. For them, every woman they have sex with is nothing but a feather on their cap. And the feather becomes even more "prestigious" if they’re married and still get to have one-night stands. It’s sickening, but that’s just how some men think. For them, the thrill of running after someone is what gives them a rush, and once they get addicted to that feeling, it’s difficult to give up on it.


They’re flat out selfish

Sometimes, the only justification for why they cheat is – because they can, because they want to, because they think only of themselves and because they don’t give a fuck about your feelings. There is no mental disorder, no emotional frustration, or any lack of communication. Sometimes, guys are guys. And their being selfish shouldn’t come as news to you – you know this before getting into a relationship with them, don’t you?


Something else is wrong in the relationship

Sometimes, it’s not a lack of communication or appreciation, but a mountain of resentments and frustrations built up over the years. Maybe you’re too nitpicky, maybe he or she’s too egotistical, maybe you shut your mind off when he or she discusses office matters or maybe you’re too occupied with the baby to give your love any time. When someone’s emotional needs aren’t being met, they often tend to look outside of the relationship to feel emotionally satisfied. And this holds true for both genders. In such a case, if you ever feel your relationship is not in your hands anymore, go and talk to a counselor. So you must have known "Why do people cheat?" try your best to save your relationship.


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