Are you like many of those women who sit there and wonder why their boyfriend has stopped giving them attention lately? Truly, it's not a great feeling, but you shouldn't jump to conclusions so soon. In a romantic relationship, it is so easy to assume something too quickly and then regret it later. The question, "Why does my boyfriend ignore me?" may have several answers and explanations. Infidelity is not always the issue. Here are some other reasons that you may want to consider before dumping his sorry ass.

Why Does My Boyfriend Ignore Me?


He Needs Space

You're overpowering and are always around him. Your guy wants some space and some time to think about you, miss you. If you say, "My boyfriend is ignoring me even though I give him enough space and time to have a night out with his friends", there must be something else going on in your relationship.


He Is Under Stress

Anyone can get under stress for so many reasons, and that may well be the reason why your boyfriend is ignoring you these days. He may be one of the types who take a time out of everything when they are under stress.


You're Nagging

Instead of asking why my boyfriend ignores me, you should ask yourself, "Am I a little too nagging about everything?" Constant nagging will put him off and may even cause him to shut down. Simply changing your nagging into little reminders may help resolve the issue.


He Has Changed Feelings

A change in feeling may make your boyfriend to ignore you. It is a good idea to talk to him and explain your concerns instead of waiting for things to improve on its own.


He Is Too Young

Your boyfriend may ignore you if he is too young. This usually means your guy is still immature and doesn't really understand what it is like to have a girlfriend or how to treat a girl.


You Want More

If you ask, "Why does my boyfriend ignore me?" Maybe he only takes you as a girlfriend and nothing more. You may want him to take you as a future wife, and if he doesn't think the same, ignoring you would be his obvious reaction.


You Hurt Him

Yes, even your boyfriend can get hurt if you say something that's quite harsh. It could be a misunderstanding for sure, but sometimes, you say it on purpose and he takes it to heart. Of course, he may not say it openly, but his obvious reaction would be to ignore you. Approach him and resolve this issue.


He Doesn't Want an Argument

Your boyfriend knows that there's something you want to discuss that may lead to an argument, so he starts ignoring you simply to avoid an argument. He may also be noticing you're in a bad mood for a few days, so he doesn't want to make things worse by getting in touch with you. It means you shouldn't always ask, "Why does my boyfriend ignore me?" Instead, you should ask yourself, "Have I made it difficult for him to approach me?"


You Lack Compatibility

This usually happens when you two have been together for quite some time now and your boyfriend has started feeling that you two are not compatible with each other.


He's Addicted to Something Else

You may not want to believe it at first, but this could always be one of many reasons why your guy is ignoring you. He may be into gambling, porn, drinking, or even video games. Add drugs to that list as well.


He's Confused

This is another reason why your boyfriend is actually ignoring you. He simply doesn't know where he wants this relationship to go. He might not be too sure about what he actually feels about you.


He's Seeing Someone Else

Oh yes, that's always a possibility. It is a good idea to check for other reasons first and then start confirming if he's really into someone else or not. Be sure not to question him unless you're sure there's something else going on behind your back.


He's Gay

Stop laughing ladies – it is not as far-fetched as it might look initially, especially in today's modern age. He may have developed a relationship with you just to hide his sexual orientation, but he may well be feeling confused and ignoring you as a result.

You can also do the following test to discern if he loves you deeply or simply likes you:

What to Do When My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me?


You need to take your time and think whether you're actually making your boyfriend to start ignoring you. Sometimes, your actions may cause him to feel overwhelmed. You may well be too intrusive as well. Just try to give him some space and avoid keeping in touch around the clock.


Talk to him and share your concerns. Of course, you should do it after you've given him enough space for a while, but it sometimes becomes necessary to initiate a conversation. Don't shy away from apologizing if you feel necessary. If something you've said is making him keep distance, talk about that and clear up every confusion to bring your relationship back on track.


Don't try to stretch it once you're positive about his infidelity. You shouldn't trust someone who has already cheated on you. It is a good idea to go talk to him and hear him out, but if you think he was at fault, you should end it there and look for a new boyfriend.


The following video will also inspire you if you've been asking the same question, "Why does my boyfriend ignore me?"


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