There are several reasons why men find it hard to text their girlfriends back. However, the reason may vary from one individual to another. Most times, men do not text back because they do not know what to say. The reasons can be endless, so keep reading to find answers to the popular questions, why doesn't he text me back?

9 Reasons Why Doesn’t He Text Me Back You Need to Know


Texts Mean Absolutely Nothing to Him

To most men, texting can constitute a nuisance. Yes, at the onset, they tend to spoil the girl with beautifully composed text messages, but with time, it seems all that texting were a ploy to win her over. Continuing at that level of texting for a long time is not very realistic. In the early days, if he really loves you much, he won't be able to resist the urge to keep sending you texts so very often. After a while, when he has you at his beck and call, he will begin to lose that urge to text you frequently. Suddenly, texting you begins to look like one big task.


Most Men Act Rather than Speak

To most guys, love is a very scary thing. This does not mean guys cannot feel genuine love and affection – it simply means they find it a bit difficult to confess their love openly. Most women pay attention to the words the man says, when in reality, it is the actions that matter the most. If he is always there for you when you need him, if he is always sensitive to your needs, if he is in the habit of going out of his way to please you, if he hides nothing from you, then there can be no greater way to prove his love for you.


He Fears of Losing Freedom

Everyman fears being locked down or held up in the literary ball and chain. Do not try to trap him into becoming some kind of universal nerve center. Once he feels that sort of pressure, you will lose him faster than you got him. The moment you start putting pressure on him and trying to find out why he has not replied your text and where he has been all the while, you simply make him feel he is about to lose his freedom. Once he feels his freedom is being threatened, he will run.


You Get Exactly What You Give

This is one phrase that virtually applies to almost everything in life, including relationships. It doesn't matter whether it is a new relationship or an old one, whichever kind of relationship it is, you must always try to find out if he knows how much you care about him or if he feels you are not real. One thing you must know is that most guys are kind of dumb when it comes to reading the signs and picking up the hints from a girl. He may probably be keeping away because he feels you don't really like him or he is backing off in order not to look like a bug. Try to be as honest, confident and upfront as possible.


It Might Be Wrong Timing

The timing is very wrong. Most times when he fails to show up or text you after your first three dates with him, it may not be about you-it may be that the timing is very wrong. This excuse may not sound right but it can be the real truth. Do whatever it takes to read the signs before trying to put in your time in the relationship.


You Were Being Too Needy

If you have appeared too needy to him, that could be his reason for not trying to keep in touch. Men run from women who appear too needy from the onset. Don't make it look like you are too desperate to have him, no man likes being in a cage in the name of a relationship.


It May Have to Do with Your Level of Sexiness

No one loves to hear they are not sexy or attractive enough, especially when it comes to dating and sex. The truth remains that some guys get bored easily for no obvious reasons. You have no excuse for being the dull you, you can actually make some efforts to spice things up. Your dullness could probably be the reason why he has never tried to text you back.

Obviously, the way guys think vary a great deal, but girls do not think the same way either. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, it may do you good to find one great X-rated film and jot things down. There is no harm in doing this.


Hit It and Quit It

This is one of the most common phrases you will get to hear from singles. And it will help you figure out why doesn’t he text me back. If at this time you do not understand what I'm talking about, it is obvious you have no sex life or you are simply ignorant of the trends. If that is the case, read on to gain more knowledge.

However, if you have ever found yourself in a situation where you got sexually intimate with someone and the next night there was no trace of him, it means you have been a victim of the trending hit it and quit it.

Such type of guy doesn't waste a second thinking about the great time you guys had together and how he would want to hang out with you more often, and at such he doesn't make any attempt to text you.


Three Is Company

If you suspect you are not the only girl in his life, you may not be far from the obvious truth.

If you love exclusive relationship, he does not. It is no wonder you are anxiously thinking why doesn’t he text me back. It is quite unfortunate that most eligible Manhattan bachelors belong to this group. If he has shown no sign that he considers you the woman of his dreams, do not make the mistake of putting all your eggs in that one basket because you could end up losing more responsible bachelors in the end.


Growing Pains

The symbol of silence is growing pains. If you are in a relationship with a guy that makes no attempt to keep in touch with you, it can make you feel you were either bad in bed, he does not like you, or he loves someone else more.

But guess what, you are right either way! This may not be what you expect to hear, but looking at the whole thing from the bright side, this sort of silence can make you look like the more mature one. Why? Because such silence is a great sign of immaturity.

At such times, his silence simply becomes your answer. The guy is not the right man for you. It is no fault of yours that he hasn't grown up yet.


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