As a man, you, especially during adolescence, go through a period of mental angst and agony as your body undergoes physical transformation that’ll last a lifetime. Of all the thoughts pervading your mind, a lion’s share of such feelings tends to center around girls. For instance, you may wonder, "Why don’t girls like me?" "Why girls seem to prefer some of my friends more than me?" Or "What is it about me that girls don’t like?" You’re also most like to ponder on whether you’re more accursed than your peers. The reality is that a majority of male youngsters do not want to confront the harsh truth that it is their immaturity or underdeveloped personas that makes them unappealing to girls. 

Why Don't Girls Like Me?


You’re Not Confident

Call it biological conditioning or stereotyping for girls are predisposed to preferring young men who seem to be effusive and display a high level of self-confidence. It has always been like that right from the dawn of human civilization and will stay that way whether you like it or not.

Mother Nature has imbued women with a highly developed and keen sixth sense enabling them to instantly figure out your sense of insecurity and, thereby, keep you at arm’s length. Hence, you should focus on building your self-confidence and feeling good about yourself to build up your attractiveness. 


You Are Not Like Her

You never can be all things to all men or women for that matter. Have you ever paused to wonder that the girl or the "bevy of girls" you’re chasing may be simply not your type? In other words, their preferences, values, and backgrounds are as different from yours as chalk is from cheese. Common sense dictates that it is far more sensible to share your time with individuals having similar likes and dislikes. 


You’re Just Another Nice Guy

It could be that, in your attempt to draw the attention of your crush, you’re trying too hard which, unfortunately, is sending the wrong signals for you (and for many adolescents or teenagers out there). Going all out to please or warm up to the girl will more often than not make you behave in a way that is quite unlike you. The girl will treat you like a poof who’s always there when needed, but they would end up in bed with someone else leaving you wondering, "Why don’t girls like me?" Trying too hard and being too nice might make you appear effeminate, so just be your natural self.


You’re Desperate

Nothing can be more off-putting, especially to a girl, than the fact that you’re being desperate and can backfire eventually. Anybody who comes along your way just in order to be with a girl and for spending idle time will leave a bad impression. You need to understand the difference between "having a crush on a girl" and "being head over heels in love".


You’re Pessimistic

Girls tend to look up to smart, dapper and bold guys for support and cheering up their spirits. They’re the sort who’d appreciate a subtle compliment about themselves regardless of whether it is about their physique or attire. 

Do you honestly feel that you’ll be endearing to girls if you’re constantly whining or sulking about everybody and everything? Are you someone who’s always complaining about not having enough money or not being macho? Realize that a negative or pessimistic attitude is contagious and can affect a cheerful and buoyant outlook. Girls will be sagacious enough to notice this behavioral trait and stay far away.


You Never Get Involved

One good reason of "Why don’t girls like me?" is that you spend most of your leisure time either boozing or watching silly sitcoms straightened out on the sofa. Socializing with people or hanging out with buddies is anathema to you as you’re the solitary type. For netting a big catch, you’d have to venture out in the high seas, or else you’ll have to be content with "a small fry". Girls like to be around or with someone who is outgoing and lives life to the hilt.


She’s Reluctant

Just because a girl has spurned you doesn’t mean that you don’t come across as handsome or smart. It could be that the girl already has a boyfriend or that she feels you’re not her type. There could be a gamut of reasons as to why she turned you down. Nevertheless, there’s no point in being crestfallen as numerous opportunities for dating will come your way.

So, How to Attract Girls


Be Confident

Being confident about yourself is the key to make girls notice you and get attracted to you. There should be a streak of individuality in whatever you say or do if you want girls to look back at you.


Win Her Heart

You cannot compel someone to be deferential towards you and that also holds true for the damsel whose attention you’re seeking. You’ll need to earn the respect of that girl for which you may have to make extra efforts. Then if she really likes you, she’ll let you know directly or by her body language.


Change Your Thought

Maybe it’s your desperation to have a girlfriend that is keeping you single. You need to shed the conviction or belief that having an arm candy is a sine qua none. Take life as it comes, be yourself, and a girl will surely walk into your life sooner or later.


Change Into a Better You

People tend to be drawn towards somebody who has a taste in things and lives in style. Engage in activities that you like or take up a hobby that you find fascinating to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex.


Hit the Right Spots

Socialize as much as you can online and offline. Be seen often in bars, nightclubs, cafes, gyms or aerobic classes, and the beaches. Surely someone in any of the above spots would be waiting to barge into your life.


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