Ah, the age old question, "Why don’t girls like nice guys?" How much truth is there in the notion that girl only like bad boys? You know, the players, the jerks, the ones who have hearts made of stone. Lots of girls have tried to knock their bad boy habit and go for nice guys, but it seems like they just keep running back to the douche that broke their hearts… or someone just like them. So what’s the deal here? We think we have a pretty good idea.

Why Don’t Girls Like Nice Guys?


Nice Guys Try Too Hard

There is nothing sexy about a guy who tries too hard. Romantic gestures are lovely, of course, but they are only sweet and romantic if they’re a once in a while surprise. Being smothered in romance is like having a guy groveling for your affection, which is a huge turn off! If you’re a nice guy going way overboard trying to please a girl, you’re definitely going to push that girl away.


Girls Like Their Independence

And girls especially like their independence if they’re not getting it often enough. When a nice guy is too inclusive of his relationship with a girl, to the extent that he loses track of his own self because he’s so caught up, the girl will run away fast. A healthy relationship needs a balance, and sometimes the bad boys are very good at balance.


Nice Guys Fear Rejection

Too many nice guys try to protect their hearts, and by doing so they don’t go for what they want! If a nice guy is too afraid of rejection to approach the girl of his dream, then he’ll be in the friend zone forever. And then, he’ll get deep into his feelings and cry about it. If you see something you like, just go after it!


Girls Want Their Guys to Be Sincere

If you can’t understand what she sees in the Channing Tatum/Jamie Dornan who are looking alike with ripped abs and a motorcycle, then have a look in the mirror. No, of course, it’s not always about looks, but try manning up a bit and facing the facts. Maybe your nice guy shtick doesn’t seem genuine. Why don't girls like nice guys? Maybe that nice guy is not being entirely sincere which can be a big turn off. So just be yourself and make the move.


Women Love Sex

And sometimes nice guys forget that. It’s as if they’ve forgotten altogether that girls like to be sexual just as much as men do. So, therefore, a woman needs to feel sexual tension and chemistry with the guy she's going to be with. A girl isn’t going for you just because you’re nice, and that can’t be your only redeeming quality because it gets old.


Nice Guys Are Passive Aggressive

All the time girls have to hear about how nice guys always think they’re being used by the girls' they’re crushing on. They never seem to stand up for themselves; instead, they do the passive aggressive things and stay nice so as not to rock the boat or upset anyone. Girls like guys who take charge, not cower in fear.


Agreeable Guys Aren’t Sexy

The kind of guy who just goes along without an opinion and agrees with everything is basically just a doormat. And girls aren’t so into doormats. For a girl, seeing a guy let people walk all over him is a huge turn off. So why don’t girls like nice guys? Because nice guys don’t exude confidence and power.


Girls Love to Take Care of Bad Boys

By nature, women love to take care of things. They love to take care of babies, puppies, and even grown men. Taking care of a bad boy is as much fun as it is masochistic. Bad boys are challenging, and need a soft woman’s tender love and care. So women want to save the bad boy, and nice guys don’t usually need saving.


Women Like to Have a Project

Most nice guys don’t really need to be repaired. There’s not actually anything wrong with a nice guy. But bad boys, on the other hand, need to be fixed. So, girls like to get involved. They want to be the one girl who has come into the bad boy’s life and changed everything bad about him to make him good again.


Nice Guys Are Weak

Since the beginning of time, women have sought out the man who will be able to take care of her. And even strong and independent women want to be with a guy who can ultimately protect her if danger ever arises. Women want to feel safe and secure, and hope their men will have their back and stand up for them in an argument with someone else. And the only kind of man that can do that is a strong one. Bad boys are inherently strong, while nice guys always seem to come up short in this category. Why would a girl choose a weakling when she can have a strapping, strong man?


Women Want to Be Ravished

It’s easy to take one look at a nice guy and assume he’d be awful in bed. Too gentle, too scared, too timid. But sexy and confident bad boys are the one who are going to blow our minds nightly and maybe even daily too. While these assumptions are superficial, it’s a big part of the reason of "Why don’t girls like nice guys?"


Girls Need Love and Challenge

Just because you’ve deemed yourself a nice guy, doesn’t mean that the girl you’re after is only into jerks. Maybe you’re not even that nice after all. Maybe you are and she just doesn’t like you. Girls need a balance of romance and challenge. They want their men to be sweet, but assertive, a lover and a fighter. Not a guy who will let her walk all over him.


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