When a man pulls away from a relationship, it raises many questions. Is it because you are doing something wrong? Or is it because he has lost interest in you? This is not always so simple and there are various reasons for guys to do that. So what exactly are those reasons for him to push you away when falling in love? If you want to crack this question, you should read the content below carefully. 

Reasons Why He Pulls Away When Falling in Love


He is insecure

Men have their own passions like sports, movies or friends. They are loyal to these and like to have space and time to enjoy them. If you give him the feeling that you are stuck together forever, he will be afraid of losing this freedom. Giving up his life in order to get into a serious commitment with you may not be as interesting to him as it is to you. If you want to enjoy being in a relationship with him, avoid giving the impression that you are taking away all of his freedom.


You are incompatible

When making major decisions, men are not willing to compromise. So before he promises you marriage, he looks at the big picture. Ask yourself whether you share the same goals or beliefs in life. If there are major differences, he might be comfortable with a short-term relationship. He considers whether you want to have children and if so how many? Matters like career, children, religion and lifestyle can be some of the reasons why he pulls away when falling in love. Just don’t expect him to change because he won't. Instead of taking the risk of getting married and living with regrets for the rest of your life, accept the reality.


He is not financially stable

If a man does not have a stable career, he feels empty. If he does not have his career on track, he worries. Men have a sense of purpose and take their careers seriously because they believe job performance determines their success and happiness to a large extent. If a man's career is unstable, he might isolate himself so that he can organize himself and make some achievements. 

So if his attention is focused on work, do not pester him into a relationship. If he has pressure from work, don’t make it worse because he will pull away. That is to say, if things are not working for him financially, he will not be interested in shouldering more pressure from a relationship.


He's already refocused

If you have an amazing weekend together but then he suddenly withdraws, don’t worry. It may be just because he wants to focus on other important matters in his life. Maybe he wants to find purpose in life. Or perhaps his career needs greater attention. Besides, men are not as emotional as women. Although he enjoys falling in love with you, he does not dwell on the feelings all the time. Just give him time to attend to other issues in his life.


Family matters

Men withdraw in the midst of conflicts in the family. For example, his family is against your relationship with him. He may love you but family issues are always prioritized, so in this case he may not give you the attention you feel you deserve. You need to find out the bone of any contention to know how to deal with this type of situations.


He is not interested

Sometimes, you should get into a relationship with an open mind. There is a possibility that he might not feel the same way as you do. If he suggests a casual, friendly kind of relationship, don’t get disappointed. After all, most relationships end up in disappointments. If he still pulls away when you've fallen in love, maybe he is not your perfect match. Don’t take the blame!


He is hurt before

Do you want to know why he pulls away when falling in love? A man will avoid you if he is afraid that you will cheat on him in the future. He prefers to break up with you than get dumped. Maybe he's been hurt in his former relationship. And emotional scars don’t heal so fast. He could be avoiding you because he does not want a repeat of the past.


He feels inadequate

A man feels inferior or jealous if you are doing better than him, which can make him pull away. Some men feel challenged and intimidated by women who appear to be doing better than them. In this case, he does not deserve your love because he is a coward and a man without ambition.


He doesn't know what to do

Having no clue about what to do when in love can make a man withdraw from you because when facing you, he panics, becomes nervous and even gets rigidified. A relationship will flourish if the man has smooth moves. And a man with the right social skills appears more mature and experienced. But don't be afraid of making mistakes, don't feel embarrassed and don't pull away. Love will be your guide and protect you from any harm.


You are ignoring him

This is another reason why he pulls away when falling in love. Men like to be appreciated and if you ignore him, he will assume that you are not interested. If he does something special, don’t forget to make some positive comments. Appreciate his efforts and respond to the small things he does for you.


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