Almost every woman has experienced in her present or past relationships that the guy suddenly acts distantly or indifferently. You would think that is he really that busy or is he just trying to avoid me? There are many reasons why a man may act like this. It is common for some women to overreact when this happens to their relationships but this will only injure the relationship even more. The best thing to do is calmly assess what is really happening. This article will give you 10 tips that can help you with your dilemma.

Why Is He Pushing Me Away?


He doesn’t know how to communicate with you

This is one of the biggest problems women encounter among men. Since men are wired to be the quiet type when it comes to their emotions, they do not know how to express themselves effectively, and sometimes they do not even know that this is already causing problems to the relationship. When men are facing this dilemma, they think that the relationship is just a problem so instead of fixing it, they choose to back out.


You don’t see the relationship the same way

This is a common problem among couples. It is when one party of the relationship is ready to settle down but the other party is still in the courtship stage of the relationship. If this is your case, let your man elevate to the relationship that you are in now but don’t force him and let him grow in his own pace. Forcing him will only make him think you are not meant for each other.


He loses interest

There is a scientific explanation to your question “Why is he pushing me away?” There is no doubt men want sex. And in response to this desire especially during the first three months of the relationship, the human brain releases a hormone called dopamine. This hormone makes the person feel that he is attracted by you. When the effects of dopamine starts tapering off, the man may get puzzled thinking that he may be not that in love with you which makes him pull away.


He has someone new

If your gut instincts are telling you that your man is seeing someone else, listen to your instincts because most of the time they are true. When he keeps on ignoring your calls and is too busy to spend time with you, it only means he is finding his way out of the relationship. If you try to tell him how you truly feel but still he does nothing, let him go. Find someone who will truly love you.


You slept with him too soon

This one is truly unfair on the part of the woman especially if the guy only wants sex. If you have sex with him too soon, he will also be gone soon because he already gets what he wants. This also makes him think of the kind of woman you are. What you can do is to be honest about your feelings to him but don’t chase him. If he really wants you, he’ll do the pursuing.


He is stressed

It is not about your relationship all the time. If you notice your man being uninterested in sleeping with you, there’s no harm in asking what’s happening at his work or at home. When thinking about “Why is he pushing me away?” it is important to know that men are not good multitaskers and they cannot do two things at the same time. So if he is stressed at work or at home, there is a possibility that he won’t be as bubbly as he used to be whenever he is with you. All you can do is to be the supportive and understanding girlfriend.


The chasing game is over

Men love winning games, and one of them is playing the hunt and chase game when they are pursuing the girl they like. Jokingly remind your man that if he doesn’t treat you the way you deserve, it’s goodbye time. Let him chase you.


He genuinely loves you

One of the reasons why a man pulls away is because his feelings for you are slowly developing. The problem is most men are egocentric and they just hate the fact that if they fall in love, they will be vulnerable. They are afraid that the girl may not be feeling the same way for them so they tend to pull away. When this happens, the best thing to do is to reveal your feelings and reassure him that you are willing to wait until he is ready.


He needs to get his life back

During the early stages of the relationship, some men get too excited to spend time with their girlfriends to the point that they begin to lose their real identity. They stop doing the things they used to do before they had a relationship. When a man pulls away because he wants to regain his identity, let him. This will make him a better partner when he comes back to you. This answer to “Why is he pushing me away?” can help make your relationship better.


You are too dominant

Men are made to lead and decide for the family, and the same thing goes when dating. You might be unconsciously pushing your man away by doing the things he should be doing. Let him decide and be the man he should be. Be there to support and give your opinions if you are asked. Let your man grow.


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