We have all been through a time when our men pull away. There is a panic and feeling of insecurity that women get when a man withdraws. This shift often leaves you feeling powerless and miserable. You are left to question the relationship, like why he’s doing this and what you may have done to cause this random change. It can be a horrible feeling even when it has nothing to do with you. But why exactly does this happen? Let's get close and figure out the reasons.

Why Is He So Distant?


He’s under pressure

Most women don’t realize that when a man is stressed, he tends to escape or retreat privately. Women, in general, like to talk through a problem right away and to have friends or family around for comfort. Unlike women, men need space, and it is a good practice to give him the room to process. When women intervene with men during their time of stress, it can often make it worse. Maybe he is having a hard time at work or perhaps it's an emotional issue, but while it may have nothing to do with you, let him work it out on his own. When he’s ready, he’ll come back to you and when he does, just listen.


You’re craving too much of his attention

Often times when a man acts distant, it can be because he feels like you need him too much and it’s pushing him away. Men love feeling desired but not necessarily needed all the time. A lot of this is because men have a fear of losing their freedom, so if you’re sucking up his attention and emotions all the time, he could be pulling away to get some space back. In the right relationship, men love it when they can feel free but desired at the same time. For men, women need to feel whole and fulfilled without relying entirely on the man.


He’s having second thoughts

A good reason to understand the question, "Why is he so distant?" could be that he’s having doubts about the relationship. Perhaps he’s just not ready for something serious and it has nothing to do with the kind of girlfriend you’ve been. Despite your efforts, two people could just not be as compatible as you hope. Try not to beat yourself up, and if you are being the best you can be and he’s acting too distant for the relationship to last, then just let him go.


He’s spending time with family

A lot of times especially when you are with your family, you may ignore whoever you are dating. If your man is having some family drama, he could just be trying to dedicate a bit more energy to family time, especially around the holidays. Try not to worry too much or make a big deal; I am sure you also experience this from time to time. Your man may even want to keep certain things private until things get more serious between you two.


He’s bothered and isn’t ready to talk about it

Why is he so distant? Perhaps he’s just closed off. A lot of men tend to be closed off when they are upset about something, no matter it is about work, finance, relationship and so on. Your non-emotional guy may just need some space so that he doesn’t have to talk through his feelings and manages to solve that issue by himself without hurting his ego.


He’s feeling envious

If your man is ignoring you a bit, it could be that he is jealous that you’ve been hanging out with the girls too much. Or perhaps, you have a new guy in your life and your boyfriend worries this new man is moving in on you. Men sometimes back away when they feel envious of you, and he ignores you as a way to get your attention. Try to give him more one on one time and focus more on your relationship. Also, invite him to come along when you hang out with others so he knows there is no reason to be jealous.


He’s planning to end the relationship

Despite all your best attempts to understand the burning question, "Why is he so distant?" you may just have to face the possibility that he’s getting ready to move on. If a guy is thinking of ending the relationship, it’s highly likely that he may ignore you because he doesn’t want to be the bad guy. Try to talk to him first to see what’s going on from his end. It’s always better to communicate first before jumping to conclusions to make sense of him pulling away.


He has a lot going on

Let’s face it, no matter what the reason, it’s hard to be ignored. However, we all have our own lives before we start relationships, so it may likely be that he is just busy. Busy with work, with friends, with family, whatever the case we all lose track of time. While life does happen and things get forgotten, let’s not let it go that easily. If the ignoring lasts too long and the distance is getting unbearable, then it may be for other reasons. For the most part, if it seems harmless, your man may just have a lot happening and he’ll bounce back soon.


His friends are bad influence

When he hangs out with his single friends, they could be having a bad effect on his behavior. This may be the reason for you to wonder "Why is he so distant?" right now. His friends may be encouraging his distance so they can see him more or maybe they don’t think you’re right for him. Be careful because you don’t want to get in between him and his friends. Show him all of the positive aspects of the relationship and don’t nag him about it too much. Guys get in a macho mood, but if he’s truly into you, he’ll see the light.


The fire has sizzled

Since there are many reasons for why a guy is ignoring you, it’s hard to discover in the end that he’s just completely uninterested anymore. He is clearly done with the passion and lost the love. You can try and save things by reigniting the passion, but it may be best to just let him go. If you approach him and he still backs off, then he very well may be over the whole thing. Save yourself the trouble and start looking ahead without him in the picture.


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