There are a variety of reasons why a girl rejects a man, some of them are out of your control but most of them are mistakes made by men. Being disrespectful or a creep or just downright possessive might put her off. So, here are twelve reasons why men fail to get the girl they desire. Read on.

Part 1


Low Confidence

Nothing puts off the opposite sex more than a guy who is low on confidence. A guy who is low on confidence comes off as a person who is low on life. Confidence has a direct impact on your personality and if you are trying to hide this aspect of your life then don’t, because a woman will see through it. What you can do instead is start appreciating yourself, your actions and decisions which in turn will improve how you deal with life in general.


Aiming For A Girl Out Of Your League

If you are attempting this impossible task then have an exit route because the fall is going to be very hard. Even though there is nothing wrong in desiring a girl who is out of your league but most of the time it’s just a waste of time. Now, you might say that she talks to you but be assured she’s not into you, snap out of it as early you can.


Zero Hygiene

Do you smell like a fish? Then, it’s just a matter of time before she dumps you because no matter how good a personality you might have, nobody likes a foul water tank around all the time.


Arrogance And Egotism

Maybe you have a good career and a nice job. Maybe you were a national level basketball player. Or maybe you drive a high-end car. Whatever it is, being arrogant will take the sheen out of it because you only come out so strong when you are trying to cover up your weaknesses. So, just be who you are because whatever you have achieved will be visible when you spend time with your girl.


Being Too Self-Involved

It’s the I-Me-Myself attitude. When you date a girl and want to be with her, you have to think about the two of you. You need to be a good listener and talk about things which concern her and not just yourself. A simple ‘how was your day’ will go a long way in developing strong communication lines between the two of you.


Because You Are A Bad Kisser

The rejection might not come after the first meeting, it may well come after the first kiss or the first sexual encounter. Seventy percent of the women decide if they want to be with the guy after their first kiss and it’s a deal breaker…but such is life.


Because You Are Busy Being A Jerk

Don’t be rude to the woman you want to be with because there is nothing worse than a woman scorned. Be a gentleman and treat her the right way. Respect her decisions and be with her when she needs you.


Being Starry Eyed All The Time

Ok, we get it. You like the girl. But that doesn’t mean that you will start introducing her to all your friends and poke her on Facebook all the time. Dude, she needs her space and it’s only been just one date. So back off mister!! These things take time and you might just suffocate the relationship before it even takes root.


Being A Playa

If you like playing the field then you might just get the first date and a one night stand but that is as far as you will go. If you continue with your Tinder skirmishes because you think you are a seasoned player, then make no mistakes because your girl might just see through you. Never underestimate the power of a motivated woman. And really, who are you fooling, her or yourself?



So you think you are better than women because you are a man? If you show off your male chauvinism to any girl with self-esteem then you can surely kiss goodbye to her and maybe even expect some gyaan from her over it. It’s the 21st century, so please grow up and be a real man who respects women as much as he respects his peers.


Being Too Touchy Feely

You like PDA and cannot lay your hands off of her. It may be cute to an extent and that too only if your girl is comfortable. So talk about it and discuss if she would be okay with it, if not then just chuck it. As simple as that.


Possessive Behavior

Don’t be a crazy dude who can’t see her woman socialize with her group of male friends or go out with them to a party. She will slowly share all those things with you and you need to be patient. Trust does not develop overnight and you need to be aware of that fact. So, stop being a possessive douche bag and just give her some space.


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