The issue of failed relationships and why they fail is one that has been receiving lots of attention for a long time now. This is so because quite a number of new factors have emerged to threaten the peace and stability of relationships. There are several important factors that determine the stability of every relationship. When these factors are neglected, it becomes easy for things to go very wrong between couples. No relationship can stand the test of time without the right amounts of communication, trust, compromise, efforts, time, compatibility, loyalty, affection, and space. Lacking any or some of the aforementioned factors in any relationship is one easy way of driving the relationship towards the rocks.

So Why Exactly Do Relationships Fail?



One major reason why relationships fail is lack of loyalty from ones partner. And loyalty requires a level of faithfulness in every relationship. Most relationships, at one point or the other get faced with cases of infidelity, but not all come out looking stronger. It is not possible for anyone to trust his or her unfaithful partner in a relationship. Most times when people get involved in infidelity in a relationship, it is as a result of problems like lack of loyalty that has existed for long. It is easy for your partner to find comfort in the arms of another man or woman when you fail to play your own part in mutual loyalty in your relationship.



The role of communication in any relationship cannot be overemphasized. No relationship survives for long without the right level of healthy communication between the two people involved. For your relationship to maintain its stability for a long time, you have to hone your communication skills if you are not good at it. The best way to address any issue in your relationship is to come out open on any issue and talk it over with your partner. Engaging in heated arguments has never produced the right results when it comes to resolving issues. There are no specific laws for men or women to adhere to when it comes to adequate communication. The right approach is to find time and talk things over with your spouse before it develops into an irreconcilable difference.


Effort and Time

Every good relationship requires you give it proper time and make the right amount of efforts to make things work. When you lack time to pay attention to issues that threaten your relationship, you only create room for a breakup. Without making adequate efforts to create quality time for your relationship to work, the communication between you and your partner cannot be strong.


Space and Distance

Everyone needs his or her own space, even when in a serious relationship. It takes two mature people to make a relationship work. It is important you know when your partner wants to be alone and respect his or her wishes. Give your partner some space and distance whenever he or she indicates a need to be alone. Trying to dominate every aspect of your partner's life is not going to make your relationship work. If it does anything, stalking your partners every move will make him or her feel uneasy and caged in. Don't try to run your partner's life for him or her. Leave room for the development of self-confidence and independence. Giving your partner space and distance is something you should watch to make sure you don't overdo it. Don't be too close all the time and don't be too far either. Pay attention to details to know when the distance is getting wider so you can talk things over and close the gap.



Distrust is one factor that has contributed to why relationships fail. It is important you learn to trust your partner. Even when you have any reasons to be suspicious, it is still advisable to talk things over. Factors such as lying to your partner can build distrust. Be open and sincere at all times to leave no room for unnecessary suspicions and jealousy. One mistake people make in their relationships which often lead to the collapse of the relationship is cheating on their partners because they believe he or she had been cheating on them. If you suspect anything, don't act without getting your facts right.



Compromise is another very important factor in every relationship. The two people involved in the relationship must be ready to compromise at some point to make things work. Holding on to past wrongs will never help build a strong relationship between you and your spouse. Finding faults and bringing up past wrongs very often kills the passion you once had for your partner and lead to the arms of someone else.

Other Reasons



There are times in your relationship when things won't work out well as they should, and neither you nor your partner should take the blame. As the years go by, the things that once held the two of you together in the relationship may start losing their grip and effectiveness. You suddenly find the bond fraying despite making the normal amount of efforts and contributions make things work in your relationship. Things like change of environment, friends or financial fortunes can also eat up the strong bond that was between you and your partner.



Friends and family can be more influential in your relationship than you are prepared to admit. Most times, these loved ones can be quite supportive, but at other times, they can give their friends or family members the kind of advice that might further aggravate the already tensed situation in your relationship. This is most likely when the relationship is not supported by these friends and family members. Know the kind of friends your partner keeps and the kind of advice he or she gets from them concerning your relationship.


The Problem Could Be With the Foundation

Most relationships today do not start up on the right foot. People hook up easily these days without taking the time to study the person they are getting involved with. Such hastily instituted relationships never last.


Lack of Compatibility

Some couples are not just compatible, no matter how much they try to make things work. When it comes to relationships that will last a lifetime, compatibility is one issue that should be given adequate attention. When the two people involved in a relationship are not compatible, it is easy for things to fall apart between them as they start raising kids and facing new challenges.


Expired Chemistry

Some relationships just lose the passion without knowing why. This happens mostly when people mistake lust for love. So when the initial fire dies down, they suddenly discover there is nothing else in the relationship than the sex. Even the sex gets boring with time, and this can be a major reason why relationships fail.


Emotional Issues

Certain things happen in people's life that mess up their emotions. Women are mostly affected by emotional changes following the action and reaction of certain female hormones that crop up as they grow older. Mood swings can cause a lot of damage in your relationship if you do not handle them well.

These above mentioned factors are some of the things that lead to a collapse of most relationships.


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