It can be heartbreaking to find yourself in a situation where someone you had a nice time with fails to reply your texts or pick your calls. It becomes harder when you have developed some real strong feelings for the girl in question. This is a common situation most guys find themselves in and do not know how to deal with. If you are facing this type of situation with your dream girl, and stilling wondering why won’t she text me back, this article is for you.

Why Won't She Text Me Back? 21 Reasons Show the Truth!


Playing hard to get.

Now, this is one common characteristic of every girl, especially the really cute ones. Any girl who are for real want a guy who is ready to pass through hurdles to win her heart. They do not want to appear too cheap in order not to be taken for granted.


She doesn't really know what to say to you.

Sometimes girls do not respond to texts because they are not sure how to put their response. You can always refer to the text you sent her to see if there is a better way of putting it and if the text requires a response. One sure way to get her to text you back is to send a text that requires a specific response from her.


She got her ex back.

She could possibly have gotten her ex back after her time out with you. This might be the reason why she makes no attempt to get back to you.


Maybe she is really busy.

If she is professional type, she might not have the time to text you back because there are more urgent things to take care of.


She is tired of text messages.

No one loves being pestered with text messages. A better way of ironing things out would be to pick up your phone and dial her number for a voice chat. It is much easier to communicate through calls than typing with those tiny buttons. If you are addicted to texting, chances are that you will lose her fast.


Great girls don't fancy the text thing.

If she has got a great personality, chances are that she expects you to be the man you claim to be and give her a call since you just met. Great girls long to find great men to date so if you shy away from calling for fear of rejection, it may be a sign of weakness on your part.


Could it be a wrong number?

If you didn't check the number she gave you to be sure of its authenticity, chances are that she fooled you with a wrong number!


She might have forgotten about you already.

Now this is another great possibility. She might have shoved you out of her mind completely. Maybe she found you too boring and uninteresting for her liking after the first time you met.


Maybe she isn't happy with you.

Think of the last time you were together, how did the meeting end? If you had angered her, sending her a text might not make the necessary amends. You can find more appeasing ways of making amends for your wrongs. Show how sorry you are and beg for her forgiveness.


Your texts have no value.

Sending texts with questions such as what she is up to and what she plans doing this weekend lacks every trace of value. Be the one to bring on the initial conversation, especially when you are just starting with her. You can send her texts on funny topics, tell her how good she looked the last time you saw her, or tell her about your idea of a fun activity the two of you can do together.


Your text had a weak message.

It is a no brainer that girls are moved by words and by touch, if you are not so gifted with words, she might not be motivated to text you back.


You sounded like you want something from her.

Some girls look forward to what they stand to gain in a relationship and not what they are expected to give. If your texts sounded you were desperate to have her because you want something from her, then that could be the reason for her silence.


You act too cool.

If you failed to text her for a very long time, she might have forgotten all about you for overrating yourself. You shouldn’t act too cool as if you don’t care at all.


What’s her name again?

If you didn't type in her name in the initial text, she could think you forgot her name so soon. Using pet names like "pretty", "gorgeous" "angel" too soon might not have been a very good idea.


Texting back too quickly.

Do not be too hasty to text her back. Give her time to reply your initial text before you send something worse than the first one.


Playing the date card so soon.

One common mistake most guys make with new girls is trying to fix the next date without first impressing her enough to look forward to being with them again.


Friend zoning, careful!

If you do not want to end up in the conventional friend zone, avoid chatting idly with her like you would avoid a plague. Focus on lightening her mood with your texts rather than giving her the burden of having to reply you.


Stop being flattery.

Women love compliments no doubt, but it has to be sincere. Giving her several compliments too early will make you look desperate, fake and only interested in jumping into her pants.


Don’t have pre date nerves.

Don't be so nervous that you text to ask her if she would still make it to the date. This will put her off. Instead, send her funny texts, videos and photos to build the rapport and friendship.


Are you being guilt tripper.

Avoid sending texts that make her feel guilty, like why she is avoiding you or why she failed to turn up the previous night.


She may not be into you.

Even if both of you are nice people, there is still the obvious reality that there are no real perfect matches anywhere. Everyone has got some unique traits, talents, personalities, and passions that define him/her. If someone you are into doesn't appreciate your uniqueness, then you should be thankful she doesn't deserve you and search for someone more deserving.

What to Do When She Won’t Text You Back


Persistence pays off in the end.

No matter the urge to get pissed off at the girl for ignoring your texts, stay cool and keep in touch. Stop worrying about why won’t she text me back and continuously complaining. Once you start complaining, you will never get the reply you seek.

Wait for some days and text her again.


If she makes no attempt to respond…

There could be many reasons for this. However, whatever the reason is, do not take it personally. Because this kind of thing happen on you and it could happen on anyone else. Do not lose the courage to chase the girls you like. Next time better try meeting in real life rather than just texting. If everything you tried with her just don’t work out, just MOVE ON. You will be fine.


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