It can be truly difficult to understand what goes on in the mind of a woman…Especially if you’re the kind of idiot who likes to assume stuff about his girl rather than, you know, actually ask her about what she wants. However, if you’re new to dating or are simply too shy a guy, then our article about things your girlfriend wants you to do will prove to be very useful to you. Because everything that we’ve stated below is either pocket friendly, or…completely free! All it requires is effort and dedication from your side.

30 Options to Consider


When she says Netflix and Chill, don’t make a move on her. Maybe she really just wants to watch a movie with you. Make a move only if she makes on herself. If not, be a gentleman and watch the movie she wants to watch with you!


Ask her what her fav movie is, and then suggest watching it together.


Write her something. And I mean, actually write it. With pen and paper. It could be a cute little note or a love letter (if you’re a good enough writer) and then either leave it at her desk when she’s away, or mail it to her!


Think that’s a little too old school? Well, do the same thing, except over texts or DMs.


Whenever you go visit other cities or countries, make sure you’re bringing back at least one souvenir for her.


Whenever you two argue, just let her win every once in a while. It doesn’t matter who’s right – it matters who will end up being hurt more. Until and unless that’s you, in which case go ahead and win that argument!


One of the more subtle things your girlfriend wants you to do is for you to give her cutesy nicknames, especially ones that are based on either her attractive features (dimples, eyes, smile…) or her nature (sweet, shy, bubbly…)


Call her “my girl” in front of friends or family. Or even her friends.


Be unafraid to hold her hand in public. She may or may not appreciate kissing in public, but holding hands is something that every girl in a relationship would agree to.


Never argue with her in public, especially in front of people that you two know. It’s super embarrassing for her, mostly because people just don’t like their dirty laundry being washed in public like that.


Kiss her on the neck very gently.


Give her your time.


Share your feelings, your secrets and your future plans and goals with her.


Never ask her about her past until she herself brings up the subject.


Treat her friends and family with respect.


Show her that you care for her by appreciating the little things she does for you.


Send her random cute little texts, telling her how you miss her or how she’s been running through your mind a lot lately.


Spend some time getting wet and having fun in the rain together!


One of the things your girlfriend wants you to do is to not go overboard with the romance. I mean sure, flowers and chocolates are great, but so is a night at home watching your fav movies together.


Surprise her with breakfast in bed. Bonus points if you’re able to make it all by yourself.


Grand gestures are unnecessary and over the top. Go for something more practical, like actually listening to what she has to say. Remember the little details she shares with you, and surprise her by bringing them up in future conversations. Show her that you really do care about all the things she tells you.


Surprise her by bringing her home cooked meal. Either by you or your mom – both work well.


Cuddle with her, without getting any more physical. If she wants to kiss, great. If not, then not. It’s not always about sex, and if you think it is, you’re too immature to be in a relationship right now.


Be her shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, all she just wants is for you to listen to her without judging her for her poor life decisions.


And on top of the list of things your girlfriend wants you to do is to pay attention only to her when you’re outside. I mean, yeah, pretty girls are everywhere, but when you’re with your gal, she should be the only one you should have your eyes on.


If she’s a virgin, never EVER pressurize her into having sex. That is entirely her decision and she will have it with you when she’s ready. Broaching the subject out of the blue in front of her and taking her by surprise is a low blow. And if she doesn’t want to have sex with you, respect her decision. Maybe she’s waiting till marriage, or maybe she’s waiting till she gets to know you more. Either way, pressuring her is the worst thing you can do to her.


Put her picture in your wallet or as your phone wallpaper.


Put pictures of you two on social media.


When she makes an effort to look good for you (new hairstyle, new clothes, new hair color) just compliment her. And try to be as sincere as you can.


Crack silly jokes and make her laugh.


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