Your boyfriend just recently broke up with you for reasons you barely understand. You were told that you are too perfect for him and that he does not deserve a woman like you. You begin to ask yourself--what really went wrong? Did you do something that hurt him so much? Or were you just with the wrong guy? Did you not reassure him enough with your love? What do men really mean when they say you are too good for them?

What Does “He Says I’m Too Good for Him” Really Mean?

To be honest, it is just a “polite” reason to give because he is breaking up with you. It does not necessarily mean that he has cheated on you, but he is telling you this because he feels that he is depriving you from the love that you truly deserve. He loves you, but not at the same level on how you love him and on the same way you expect his love for you to be. He loves you that is why he is letting you go--to give you the opportunity to find the love that he knows he can never give to you. 

There may be other reasons why he is telling you this but those reasons should not be of your concern anymore. The bottom line is, he is not the right guy for you. He may look teary-eyed while telling you this, maybe because in some way or another, he still wants you around. But he chooses to let you go because he wants you to find the real happiness that he has realized he can never give you.

Understand the Real Meaning of Men’s Words


“I really appreciate you inviting me over but I’m so tired and I have work tomorrow.”

This line has two meanings. It means 1% he is really tired and 99% he is just not into you. He may be telling the truth when he says he is tired after you inviting him to come in after having dinner or after watching a movie on a Wednesday night. Then invite him for a date during weekends. But know this, if you always get an “I’m tired or I need to get up early tomorrow” for an answer, you know where you stand on the man’s life.


“What did you do last weekend?”

Aside from decoding what “He says I’m too good for him” really mean, this is another line women must understand. If you are going to translate this in men’s language, it actually means “Does your world only revolve around me? Go and find a life.” Experts say that while it is not wrong to be a home buddy, it is also important to have fun as you are single as long as you know your boundaries. Men get more attracted to independent women.


“We need some time away from each other.”

It is healthy for couples to have their own “me time” in order to grow as a person. On the other hand, men sometimes use this line in order to get out of a relationship easier, or in order to leave you in a hanging position so he can get you back easily after testing the waters with another woman. When a man says he needs some space, he is most likely playing the field with someone else. Do you really want to be with someone who isn’t sure with his love for you?


“Let’s just enjoy the moment and have fun.”

It is hard to have a lasting relationship if you are not on the same level of expectations. You want a commitment but he just wants to have fun, which means he just wants a physical relationship with you; and that’s a big NO.


“I’m just busy working.”

Always remember that if a man truly loves you, he will always make time for you. He will never make you feel unloved and unimportant. If a man tells you he’s too busy for a relationship, it actually means he doesn’t want to be with you.


“I enjoyed your company, I’ll call you.”

Besides the “He says I’m too good for him” dilemma, this one also makes lots of women toss and turn, wondering if he will call, when he will call, why he still doesn't make a call and what not. Well in fact, these words mean nothing. He is just being polite so don’t expect anything.


“I want a commitment.”

Now don’t get too excited because this does not mean that you are the one he’s going to marry. It may just mean he is smart enough to know how to properly select the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. So be careful because he maybe actually have scrutinized you and your background without your knowledge.


“You are beautiful.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So when a man tells you that you are beautiful, it is because he really finds you beautiful. This is very different from "you are sexy" which only means a man is just interested in your body and having sex with you. 


“It’s not you, it’s me.”

When a man wants to get out of a relationship and he doesn’t have the courage to do it, he does things that will make the girl finally break up with him or he simply uses this line. It really means “I don’t want to critique your personality so let’s just say it’s me who has a problem and not you.” This is related to your “He says I’m too good for him” dilemma. After hearing these lines, women actually get frustrated looking for clear answers and closure, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Your man wants to go so let him. You deserve a man who will stand by you through thick and thin.


“We’re old friends.”

If your boyfriend has this female friend who you barely know and if you notice that they have “inappropriate” closeness, chances are she is someone he dated in the past or he made a move on her in the past but she was not interested.


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