The guide below has been written for those delicate girls who are dying to solve this riddle, but it’s equally useful for boys really. If you’re wondering how to know if your crush likes you, you are welcome to treat this guide as a list to tick off. It’s not exhaustive but if you can’t recognize any of these signs in your crush, probably it’s just another unrequited passion from your side.

10 Sure Signs That Your Crush Likes You


Finding Excuses to Talk to You

Whether in private or on social media, the guy you’re having a crush on would look for every chance to strike a conversation with you. Sometimes he can use the opportunity to remind about himself through your common friends, and sometimes he can reach out directly if you’re anywhere near. Don’t expect these conversations to be meaningful – it’s just that he finds extreme pleasure in your presence and your feedback. But don’t be crazy by showering him with your affection – keep it moderate but interesting for you both.


Asking You out for Any Occasion

If you guess about how to know if your crush likes you, look for this good sign that he enjoys your company. If he keeps inviting you to lunch together, or to watch a movie with him and his friends, or altogether using any chance to walk next to you when you’re together, he definitely likes you back. The funny thing is that sometimes these occasions can be nonsensical, but take this as a compliment even if you’d rather choose another place or event.


Making Eye Contact

We are not talking about staring at you, though sometimes it can be even more flattering. When speaking to him, take note of his glances – if he repeatedly tries to look you in the eyes for a little longer than a general conversation implies, he is interested to guess if you like him too. Catching him looking is a good way to hint at your interest without giving yourself away completely. Also, it’s a breath-taking game that can bring you closer and reveal your feelings without words.


Telling Compliments

If he likes you, making you blush from his compliments should be his primary task. It’s interesting that people always tend to make something pleasant for the ones they like without asking for anything back. For him, compliments can become just this altruistic opportunity to state his infatuation and let you know what he thinks of you. Isn’t it amazing?


Sharing Personal Stories

If you’re looking for some proofs of how to know if your crush likes you back, at least this is the sign that he trusts you, and doesn’t treat you just like another friend to share some small talks. If you hear him telling you about his past, family, or traumatic moments, be sure he has just let you in his world, and now you should act accordingly. Show him that you are truly listening, and you are always here to comfort him if necessary. Also, sharing your personal stories back is a clever strategy to let him know you’re not indifferent to him and his confessions.


Playing with Touches

It’s just natural to want to touch someone you are interested in. It’s all about private space, so if you notice him breaking onto your personal territory, it means he wouldn’t mind to get closer altogether. The same is true about your behavior – sometimes, daring to be a bit playful really pays off. By doing this, you can analyze his reaction and make the conclusion about his attitude.


Being Flirty

It’s very simple to recognize flirtations. Being in a playful mood, smiling a lot, reducing the space between you little by little, paying you compliments and being extremely attentive to every tiny detail about you, provoking you to tell more about yourself, your (ex)boyfriends and your secrets are just some of the possible signs he’s flirting. Do you want to play this game with him too? It’s absolutely up to you, just don’t be detached or he can give in and switch his interest to somebody else.


Introducing You to His Friends

It should be very pleasing to know that he is ready to introduce you to his friends. It always feels like some sort of initiation, and is also one of the most vivid signs of his predisposition. Even if it looks pretty innocent, for example, when you go out together to celebrate someone’s birthday, it still shows he enjoys showing you around. For you, this is a perfect chance to get to know him better and spend more time together at the same time.


Paying Attention

Probably, there’s no better proof of his interest in you than when he makes an effort to treat you in a special way. If this is his case, he will listen to your every word trying to guess your dreams and desires and make them come true. This includes giving you little presents, inviting you to music concerts of your favorite stars and treating you every now and then with gifts that cost nothing but he knows will make you happy.


Prioritizing You over Others

If he makes it obvious that you are more important to him than other people, it’s a sure bet that he reserves a very special place for you. Wondering how to know if your crush likes you, you should pay more attention to his attitude. If he’s ready to say no to other people in order to see you or talk to you, it’s your win!


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