With hook up apps like Tinder, seduction skills are becoming less and less popular, which is sad because seducing and making a man want you is half the fun of dating! If you’re the type of woman who would rather put in huge effort into finding the right man than being caught up in endless flings, keep reading.

How to Make Him Want You

Making him want you really isn’t as difficult as it sounds, I promise. I’ve summarized useful tips, tricks and hacks in this article which can easily be used by any woman on the planet!

Spill the beans

If you’ve been too guarded about your life, think again. The American Sociological Association did a unique study which showed that sharing secrets with a person implies trust and a willingness to strike up a relationship. Of course, I’m not asking you to cry your heart out over how your ex cheated on you. However, you can share funny anecdotes from your childhood or even college life that very few people know. It will increase your attractiveness in his eyes because subconsciously he understands that you trust him. And we only trust those we are close to, right?


Make use of Adrenaline

No, I don’t mean shots of Adrenaline injected into his chest. Nah. Try indulging in activities that give you an adrenaline rush, like roller coaster rides or even something forbidden like streaking naked across the road. The thing is, the more excited you are, the more adrenaline your body will pump and the more sexual aroused you will be.


Keep him close by

How to make him want you? Well, this technique has been tried and tested since centuries – keep him close by. And by this I mean be in regular (not constant) contact with him. People aren’t comfortable with change and familiarity and familiar faces always make one smile. Remember how you feel when you watch the cartoons today that you used to watch as a child? The same logic applies here. Also, if he’s attracted to you, the more he sees you, the more he will be attracted to you.


Use digital communication

If for whatever reasons it’s not possible to meet him or bump into him on a regular basis, then take the help of digital communication. Send him texts, cute messages, call him once in a while, do video chats and even just to tease him, send some sexy photos of yours. To have a little bit of you by his side will make him want more of you.


Don’t respond immediately

Once in a while is okay, but if you instantly respond to his texts, that shows him you’re available/free all the time and have nothing better to do than to wait and reply to his texts. Or it could imply that you put him above everything else in your life. Both conclusions are undesirable for him. So take your time to respond to him. Show him you have more important tasks to accomplish before you get to him. Of course, don’t be an ice cold bitch either.


Offer a sweet goodbye

This applies to both old relationships and new. Nothing reignites the relationship more than leaving on a high note. Never part your ways when you two have fought or argued. And by “part” I don’t mean break up – I mean going back to your separate homes. Ending a date with arguments will make him have second thoughts about you. Don’t give him that opportunity. Instead, make sure your date always ends on a fun note. Laugh, joke, giggle, compliment him or do whatever you can to make sure there is no tension between you two. When facing how to make him want you, you should definitely try this trick.


Talk about the fun aspects of your life

If you have no idea about what to talk about or have simply run out of ideas, don’t worry. Tell him about those aspects of your life which you think he’ll enjoy or have a good laugh out of. Be positive. Or you can even share your experiences about this awesome Electronic concert you went to, or how you and your girls gate-crashed someone’s wedding one time. Nobody likes a Negative Nelly, so make sure you don’t down him with your own problems (that’s for committed couples, not for new couples).


Make him jealous

Go ahead, talk to that very attractive waiter who’s waiting your table while you two are having dinner. Or discuss the handsome features of a guy who’s in front of you. Or, you know, you can tell your guy that you love the other guy’s smile, eyes or even his body. Trust me. This one works like a charm.


Be your own woman

Ah, this one is the most important point when you’re pondering over how to make him want you. Always know that you and your self-respect come above any man, no matter how good or perfect he is. The more you try to accommodate his demands or become someone you’re not just so that he can be happy, the more you’re showing him how desperate you are for his approval. And desperateness is a stink that’s hard to get off. Not to mention severely unattractive.

Being needy doesn’t help either. Make sure he knows you can be happy with or without him in your life. The very fact that you’re your own woman will draw him to you. And if it doesn’t, then you’re better off without such a man in your life.


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