Relationships are nice. There is this feeling of wanting to be with someone, which is simply unparalleled. When he pokes her today on Facebook, tomorrow she pokes him. When he calls, she calls back. It’s mutual, and that is what makes it fun. But sometimes many people are unable to read the signs, and they keep wanting the attention of someone who isn’t "feeling" them. And when this happens, it becomes a bother. But guess what? Whether it is from the things she says or the things she does, there are always ways of knowing whether she is into you or not.

She’s Just Not That Into You

Maybe she doesn’t take calls or doesn’t call back. It could be a number of things, but what's sure is that there will always be signs to tell that she just doesn't like you that much.

I’m really busy, maybe another time

Flaking on appointments is too obvious a sign. If you find that it is difficult to get a hold of her, take a hint! If she was interested, it wouldn’t be so hard; she would free her schedule to meet up or she would be the one to suggest a meet-up to make up for the one she has bailed on. Psychology experts say it is in human nature to avoid disappointments, as well as avoid disappointing others. And guess what’s more disappointing than finding out the woman you like is not into you? Not much!


You’ll like my friend

Playing match maker is not something a lady would do if she is into you. Hooking up a guy with another girl is a clear sign she does not want you. Remember - a girl doesn’t go all out looking beautiful to hurt you (unless she is demented or a heart broken character in a horror movie). It means that yes, she did think about giving you a shot. But if a lady notices that it (the date or the relationship) is not going anywhere, one of the things she would try is to suggest a friend of hers to a guy in hopes that he would just forget about her eventually.


It’s not that you are not funny…

If she doesn’t laugh at your jokes, then she’s just not that into you. A research by the University of Kansas published in September 2015 tells that men and women find humor as the most effective way to build and grow a relationship. This being said, she will definitely laugh at your jokes (even if they were not funny) if she wants that relationship to go to the next level. So if she isn’t laughing, then it is time to move on because she is hinting (subconsciously) that it will be a no-show.


This other guy I dated was like...

He was caring, he kept to appointments, he made me laugh, he made me cry and blah blah blah. When a lady gets to this stage, she has made up her mind about you, and she is trying to say that she has no interest in you. Ladies are not in habit of comparing their love interest to another person (not to their face anyway), so if she is found doing this, then she is trying to end that relationship. According to a research, it is a subconscious trigger to enrage the guy’s territorial tendencies and when he acts, she can say she no longer feels safe around him and end things. DIABOLICAL!


Let me call you back

And she never calls you back. Maybe that is a little extreme, but the message is clear as day. This is an obvious sign that she would do anything rather than be on the phone with you. If a lady is into a man, she wants to hear from him. Making up terrible excuses (not really her fault) is a subtle way of saying she’s just not that into you. So if you get "phone blocked", it is best you accept your fate as a friend or move on to other people.


I like you as a friend

When a lady says this, well tears can only do so much. It doesn’t get any clearer than this. Before it comes to this, she must have definitely tried all the techniques she can think of. It gets to this point when all other subtle and subliminal messages have failed. Because guess what? You were too thick to get the messages, so she decided to go the "old school" way and be blunt. The friend zone is a guy’s worst nightmare as far as relationships are concerned, and he would do anything to avoid it. And in cases like this, all one can do is count his losses and move on.


Body language and position reveal the truth

When she sits as far away as possible during outings, it is a subtle sign that she’s just not that into you. This relates to body language in general. Subtle signs, which are mostly subconscious, pervade everything. For example, a lady who is into a guy would not fold her hands in his presence because folded hands are a sign of being emotionally unavailable/aggression/defiance. If her legs are crossed, or her arms are folded, you may be better off just getting the check and leaving.


The "K" appears

Have you ever actually seen a lady who is subtly saying that she does like you? Let’s look at a sample text conversation:

Guy (always the first to initiate chat): Hi, how are you today?

Girl: Fine

Guy: So what is your day gonna look like? Any plans?

Girl: Na.

Of course at this point the guy would have to be an idiot not to notice that she is not into this conversation so he goes:

Guy: Perhaps I’ll call you later

Girl: K

Once that "K", the conversation killer, shows up, that is the end of it all.

More Signs She's Just Not That into You


She doesn't want to introduce you to her friends and family. Even if she does, you will be introduced as just a friend.


She has no interest in making future plans with you.


She looks distracted or absent-minded when you two are together.


She doesn't bother to dress up when you two meet up.


She describes the ideal man in her mind and that is just the very opposite of you.


She only wants to go on group dates, instead of going out with you.


She doesn't seem to notice that you're feeling defeated and alone even if you are with her.


She says that she is not ready for a relationship for now or that she wants to find herself first.


She’s just not that into you if her attitude and actions towards you are really inconsistent, being nice one minute and being mean the next.


She doesn't like your touch and never touches you. Even eye contact is rare.


She doesn't tell you too much about her life and seem to avoid getting to deep into your life


She says things like "I wish there are more guys that were just like you". That is, there are traits in you that attract her, but she just has no feelings to you and hopes all of the traits are on another guy. Ouch!


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