Cowardice in men can be traced back to time immemorial. Men have always been expected to be brave in order to defend their countries, homes and families in general and anybody who did not do this was branded a coward. However, cowardice in the modern day cannot be classified under the same umbrella. Men are not expected to fight with other men in order to prove their worth. But this does not mean that cowards do not exist amidst them. There are a few signs of a coward guy which will help you stay clear of them.

Signs of a Coward Guy

If you believe you’re in a relationship with a coward, or simply want to steer clear of such people, then don’t worry. There are clear signs that can help you make up your mind!

He’s almost always dishonest

This is the first sign that you are dealing with a coward. Such a man will never be honest about anything, especially when confronted. He tends to dance around the truth and go round in circles other than being straight forward and honest. He will always try to change the subject when you bring up questions that make him uncomfortable.


He puts up a false bravado

This is one of those signs of a coward guy that can be difficult to ascertain in the beginning, but become clearer with time. A coward will always pretend to be something he is not and more often than not will always brag about how strong and macho he can be. In all likelihood, such a guy will run for the hills in time of danger, leaving you wondering how fast he can run away from danger, rather than defend himself and those around him.


He is constantly apologizing

Sometimes, a coward takes the exact opposite approach of putting up a false bravado. Such a guy apologizes constantly and consistently even for the smallest mistake. Apologizing is a sign of humility but one can only do it so much. For instance, he will quickly apologize when someone steps on him accidentally instead of the other way round. There are situations where you need a man to step up and not constantly apologize like a loser. You obviously do not want to be in a relationship with a man who has no spine and cannot stand up for himself, let alone stand up for you.


He can sometimes be… delusional

Looking for signs of a coward guy? Then take note of this one. A coward lives in his own world, where reality is merely a passing phenomenon. He rationalizes other people’s mistakes towards him and is never in touch with reality. He takes in information and processes it in a way that only makes sense to him.


His every move is calculated

A coward is always self-conscious of all his actions and second guesses everything he does. Besides, every single move he makes is calculated and he constantly worries about who is watching him and what others think about his actions. For example, he will always dress in a way that makes him feel accepted and do everything in regard of the standard that people place no him. Such a man will never speak his mind or express himself in fear of how he will be judged by others.


Shy away from confrontation

This is one of the sure signs of a coward guy for a coward will never be the recipient of confrontation. Instead, he will do everything in his power to shy away from it even when he rightfully deserves it. Confronting someone who has wronged you is never easy but it relives you of emotional stress that comes with it. A man who chooses to bottle his emotions when wronged and runs away from confrontation displays a cowardly trait. What's more, bottling up emotions can be dangerous and even causes harm to yourself and others.


He cannot face his fears

Different people go through different traumatizing experiences in their lives. Although it is easy for some to get through these experiences, learn from their mistakes and move on, others take a longer time. Some, however, do not really move on and overcome the pain and trauma they went through. They sadly end up being cowards and cannot be around anything or anyone who reminds them of their past trauma. Although coward might be a word harshly used for such people, it is a known reality.


He always plays safe

This is one of the easiest signs of a coward guy to notice. Everybody knows that the greatest minds in the world have achieved a lot by taking risks and believing in themselves. A coward is a person who will always choose to play safe in any situation and is never bold enough to take any risk. Always wanting to do things the right way and by the book is a cowardly move. There’s only so long that one can play safe, you know.


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