Its summer, and very soon we will all be enjoying the sun kiss summer whether. With summer comes lots of heart break. You have your hopes on finally telling the guy that you've fantasized about since last December that the two of you are meant to be. But is he really into to you? Here are a few signs and tip to know if he's just not into you.

Signs That He's Not Into YOU

Sorry dude, he's just not into you!

He takes very long to text you back

In this day and age, every and I mean everyone (even grandma!) is always on there phone. Whether it be checking there snapchat, instagram, Facebook, etc. If a guy is taking any longer than a whole day to write you back, then I'm sorry mama it's time to look elsewhere. But you have to be careful here. If you know that this guy has obligation such as (work, summer school, volunteering, etc.) he may be busy, and in such case he will aware you of this if he's indeed interested in you, so you know that you're not being ignored. However, if you text him friday saying "what's up, how are you?" and receive "good"  on sunday, than i'm really sorry to say sorry dude, he's just not into you.


He remain emotional and physical distance

If he's ignoring your eye contact, and never want to be alone with you when you guys are in a group, than something may be off. Often when a guy is very interested in you, he may sneak a glance at you, or constantly try to have quiet moments with you from the group. If he's not paying you a slight bit of attention or badly notices that you there, then I'm sorry to say this mama but  he's just not into you.


He's open about talking abut other women to you

Come on dude! If he's able to talk about other women to you, it because he feels very comfortable with you which is a good thing (Yay!), the bad thing is that you automatically in the friend zone (nay!!). A guy will only discuss how hot a girl is, or that he's hooked up with, because he sees you as a buddy and want to share that info, he's not seeing you as his potential boo or lover, therefore I'm sorry to say sorry boo he's just not into you.


He tries to change you

If he's constantly trying to give you advice on how to change things such as body, personality, etc. than kick that jerk to the curve. A man that is very interested in you, love everything about you and the way that you are. They will never try to change any of that, because its the reason they fell in like with you in the first place. 

  • If you like a guy, tell HIM. The worst thing he can say: Sorry dude, I'm just not into you like that. But that allows you to move on and give another guy the awesome opportunity to get to know you.The signs I've listed you should play close attention to, they can usually help in not allowing you to waste both your time and summer in a guy that not interested in you.

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