Are you going through the pain of a breakup right now? Was it your decision? It doesn’t really matter, right? Breakups are one of the most painful things one can ever experience. Putting an end in a once happy relationship doesn’t only mean that the person you loved most will be leaving you, but also means that the dreams you have built together will now slowly fall apart. And because of so much pain that heartaches could bring, some people lose hope and wonder if they could still find true love and a lasting relationship someday.

Will I Find Love Again After a Breakup?

Always remember that no matter how painful it is right now, there will come a day when all the pain will just go away. For now, just be thankful that once in your life, you were able to experience love and the happiness it has brought you. So stop asking yourself if you can find love again after a breakup and feeling sorry for yourself.

Being hopeful that someday you will meet the love of your life does not mean that you should enter a relationship even if you are not yet ready. Instead, not giving up in finding a new love means learning from your mistakes and letting your wounded heart heal totally. Let everything fall into its place and don’t let go of your belief that true love exists. Everything has its own place and time.

Some people become jaded when they get heartbroken; never let the same thing happen to you. Your past relationship might not have worked between you and your ex, but keep the good memories. Don’t dwell on the past; instead, face the world with a new, smarter version of you. Forget about your questions like “Will I find love again after a breakup?” When the right time comes, Cupid will aim that arrow again on you. Just accept it, keeping eyes and arms wide open.

How to Find Love Again After a Breakup


Move on

Moving on does not only mean to forget your ex, but also include forgetting the bad things your ex did or said to you. If your ex told you that you are a bad lover, it doesn’t mean that you will still be a bad lover in your future relationships. You are not the same person that your ex knew; besides, don’t believe everything that your ex said because 90% of them are not based on truth but on their own insecurities and spite.


Think before trying to get back with your ex

A lot of people do this most of the time and they end up doubling the hurt they experienced. Then they ask themselves again, “Will I find love again after a breakup?” Missing your ex after your breakup is normal, but if you plan to date your ex again, make sure that both of you have talked about the problems you have encountered and that the two of you are committed to fixing them. If not, don’t even bother to call your ex again, save yourself from additional heartaches.


Don’t compare

Your friends set you up on a blind date but then you are disappointed because your date’s qualities are far different from your ex’s. Trying to look for your ex on a different person will definitely lead “potential love” into failure. Your ex might have made you happy, but that doesn’t mean no one else can make you happier than your ex did. All relationships are different and unique. Stopping to compare can help you get over your “will I find love again after a breakup” dilemma.


Don’t enter a rebound relationship

You are truly heartbroken so all you want now is to forget your ex by finding someone new. However, entering a rebound relationship is not good. It will not only hurt you even more, but it will also hurt the “new” person in your life once he or she finds out that you are still thinking about your ex. Let yourself heal naturally, cry for the failed relationship if you feel like to and just give it time to let everything settle.


Make a fresh start

Throw away the clutter in your room to bring on good vibes. You might want to throw away your ex’s memories like your ex-boyfriend’s shirts or your ex-girlfriend’s stuff left in your pad. Creating a clean environment will not only give you a fresh and relaxed feeling, but also help you forget about your “will I find love again after a breakup” dilemma.


Throw your baggage

After the breakup, some begin to carry a baggage of unresolved issues, like being anxious and doubtful because they were cheated in the past relationship. Just like what was mentioned earlier, all relationships are unique, so don’t bring your negative experiences from the past to your present relationship. Just relax and smile.


Learn from your mistakes

If you think that breakup is all pain and loneliness, then think again. Splitting with your partner is also a way for you to know yourself more, the things important to you in a relationship and the qualities you want in a partner. Take these as hard lessons and use them once you meet someone new in your life.


Show the real you

If you are still asking yourself “Will I find love again after a breakup?” then start believing that you will. Just simply be yourself and be honest. You don’t have to tell your new partner how horrible your previous relationship was; instead, just tell your partner the things they need to know, like the way you want your partner to be honest with you.


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